Yamaha's new high-end over-ear headphones look poised to compete against the AirPods Max

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(Pocket-lint) - Yamaha’s latest over-ear headphones are aimed straight astatine the high-end assemblage of the wireless audio market, arsenic the company's newest offering, the Yamaha YH-L700A, bring premium features to the array that presumption them successful a premier placement to instrumentality connected competing offerings specified arsenic Apple’s AirPods Max

One of the astir important features headphone companies tin connection nowadays is immoderate mentation of directional audio, thing Apple dubs spatial audio, wherever audio tin genuinely dependable arsenic if it were playing straight up of you. Meaning, if you crook your caput to the right, the dependable output changes and causes your close receptor to flood with audio astatine a greater complaint than that of your near receptor - conscionable arsenic if you were listening to a "real" performance taking spot connected a tiny signifier successful beforehand of you. 

All of this is besides sometimes referred to arsenic 3D audio, and Yamaha is hoping to out-do its competitors with their ain proprietary method of creating immersive 3 dimensional soundscapes. 

Whereas Apple's spatial audio exclusively works connected iOS devices, Yamaha's 3D Sound Field is capable to person immoderate stereo dependable into a multi-channel output, meaning that the headphones tin connection 3D audio connected some iOS and Android, careless of whether the way has yet been mastered successful Dolby Atmos - a request for Apple’s spatial audio to function. 

Of course, it astir goes without saying the Yamaha YH-L700A's besides person progressive sound cancellation, which this twelvemonth Yamaha is referring to arsenic "advanced ANC". 

As for artillery life, the institution says users should expect astir 34 hours of full listening clip connected a azygous charge, astir treble that of the 20 hours of powerfulness touted connected the AirPods Max

The Yamaha YH-L700A is present disposable successful some the United States and the United Kingdom for a retail terms of $499 / £449, respectively. 

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