Derek Chauvin Gets 22.5 Years As Calls Grow For Congress To Pass George Floyd Justice In Policing Act

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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison called on Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act after Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years.

Video of Ellison:

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison calls for Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act after Derek Chauvin is sentenced to 22.5 years.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 25, 2021

AG Ellison said:

The outcome of this case is critically important, but by itself, it’s not enough. My hope for our country is this moment gives us pause and allows us to rededicate ourselves to the real societal change that will move us much further along the road to justice. I’m not talking about the kind 
of change that takes decades but real change, concrete change that real people can do now.

 I’m talking to lawmakers. At this historic moment, there is so much legislation around the country in city councils, county boards, state legislatures in congress that is still waiting to be passed. If these bills were passed, they would make the deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers less likely, would improve police-community relations, would restore trust, and, therefore, cooperation, improve the lives of officers who want to protect and serve and make everyone safer.

 Every one of these bills at every level of government is critical for helping our families, our law enforcement officers, communities, and the country heal. Above all, Congress has still not passed the George Floyd Justice And Policing Act. I call on leaders and members of Congress to pass the best and
strongest version of this bill that can be passed and to pass it now. President Biden called on the congress to pass this bill. It must be passed. Lives are depending upon it. It’s just that simple.

955 people were shot and killed by the police in the last year. Black Americans are 13% of the population but are killed by the police twice as often as white people.

There is a policing problem in the United States, and before Republicans start screaming about defunding the police. No one is talking about leaving communities unprotected, but instead real reform to restore trust in the police and make communities safer for all.

Justice was delivered for George Floyd today, but the only way to deliver justice for all of the innocent African Americans who were killed by the police is to pass and the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act into law.

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