WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Claims That When Trump Was President, You Didn’t See “Crisis After Crisis”

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Kayleigh McEnany did not precisely make a sterling estimation erstwhile she served arsenic Donald Trump’s property secretary. During her archetypal time connected the job, she promised to ne'er lie. She broke that committedness connected a fig of occasions.

One would deliberation she’d person occupation uncovering a occupation aft her arguable stint arsenic property secretary. Fox News, though, was blessed to prosecute her and let her to revise history. McEnany did plentifulness of that connected Tuesday nighttime portion criticizing Joe Biden.

The bubbleheaded pundit remarked, “We are 8 months into a Biden presidency, wrapper you caput astir that. We inactive person 3 years and 4 months left. Look, erstwhile President Trump was president, you didn’t spot situation aft crisis. You conscionable didn’t spot it.”


Donald Trump oversaw, rather perchance the astir situation laden presidency successful American history. The time helium took office, millions of women took to the streets. Shortly earlier helium near office, a mob of his supporters stormed the United States Capitol. He besides ended up successful the infirmary aft contracting COVID, was impeached doubly and embarrassed the state connected overseas ungraded connected aggregate occasions.

The gaslighting continued erstwhile the taxable turned to COVID-19. The erstwhile property caput opined, “I shudder to deliberation astir what COVID would person been similar nether Joe Biden. Afghanistan blowup, transgression successful the streets, you named it all. What would COVID person been like? Because I was successful the White House erstwhile it was beauteous scary times.”


The COVID revision is conscionable outrageous. Donald Trump’s handing of COVID was the large nonaccomplishment of his presidency.

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