UK contactless payment limit rising to £100 from 15 October

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(Pocket-lint) - The spending bounds for contactless payments successful the UK is rising connected 15 October 2021, it has been confirmed.

You volition beryllium capable to walk up to £100 erstwhile utilizing contactless outgo systems successful supporting stores. We antecedently knew astir the rise, but not the date.

UK chancellor Rishi Sunak primitively announced the plans arsenic portion of the March 2021 budget: "As we statesman to unfastened the UK system and radical instrumentality to the precocious street, the contactless bounds summation volition marque it easier than ever earlier for radical to wage for their shopping, providing a invited boost to retail that volition support jobs and thrust growth," helium said (as reported by the BBC astatine the time).

Trusted fiscal reporter, Simon Read, posted the confirmed day connected his Twitter feed.

The contactless spending bounds volition ascent from £45 to £100 from 15 October 2021. The past summation successful the bounds was from £30 to £45 successful April 2020.

— simon work (@simonnread) August 27, 2021

A erstwhile rise successful contactless limits was enforced successful 2020 owed to the ongoing pandemic. That allowed shoppers to walk up to £45 (from a erstwhile bounds of £30) to promote the usage of contactless cards and trim the hazard of interaction transmission of the virus.

Some methods of payment, specified arsenic Apple Pay and Google Pay connected mobile devices and smartwatches, person nary limits erstwhile protected done biometric information technologies.

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However, immoderate retailers whitethorn enforce their ain limits connected spending, adjacent erstwhile utilizing those devices. The aforesaid volition beryllium existent of the caller £100 bounds connected cards, arsenic stores tin usage their ain discretion.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 24 March 2020.

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