Trump Is Trying To Hand Democrats The Senate With Fundraiser For Herschel Walker

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Trump followed up his plea for his voters not to ballot successful 2022 with an announced fundraiser for walking Senate campaigner catastrophe Herschel Walker.

Here is the announcement:

Trump is hosting a fundraiser for Senate campaigner @HerschelWalker successful Florida with respective sports figures serving arsenic honorary hosts including Tom Glavine, Doug Flutie and … Ric Flair. #gapol #gasen

— Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) October 15, 2021

Walker has already had to cancel 1 fundraiser aft helium was going to beryllium gobbling up currency from donor whose societal media illustration representation is simply a swastika made retired of needles.

Republicans person been disquieted astir the anticipation of immense harm that Walker could bash to their hopes of taking backmost the Senate successful 2022, and truthful far, helium has much than made their nightmares travel true.

The Trump/Walker narration goes backmost decades to the clip erstwhile Trump was moving the USFL into the ground, truthful his enactment for his hand-picked Senate campaigner successful Georgia was expected.

Donald Trump appears to beryllium trying to sabotage the 2022 predetermination for Republicans. It is arsenic if helium is being guided by a content that if helium can’t win, nary Republican can.

Trump is turning into the champion limb that Democrats whitethorn person for holding connected to the Senate successful 2022.

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