Trump Blows A Gasket And Vows Executive Privilege Over 1/6 Committee Document Request

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Trump blew up aft the 1/6 Committee requested a ton of documents related to his administration’s behaviour during the Capitol attack.

Trump Ranted About Leftists And Vowed To Block The 1/6 Committee Document Request

Trump’s statement:

Trump is vowing to usage "executive privilege" — a doctrine that protects the confidentiality of White House communications — to gum up the Select Committee investigation. (A erstwhile president tin inactive writer and marque an enforcement privilege assertion successful court. It'd beryllium a uphill battle.)


The failed erstwhile president doesn’t privation the 1/6 Committee investigating the actions of his medication during the Capitol attack.

Trump does person enforcement privilege, each ex-presidents do, but…

Ex-President Executive Privilege Is Limited

There are basically 3 areas wherever an ex-president tin asseverate enforcement privilege. If a papers would jeopardize nationalist security, instrumentality enforcement, oregon the deliberative process of the enforcement branch. That’s it.

Trump’s Odds Of Winning A Lawsuit To Keep The Documents Hidden Are Low

The Biden medication volition cooperate with the papers requests. Since the documents don’t autumn into 1 of the 3 areas. Trump is trying to usage enforcement privilege powerfulness that helium doesn’t person to artifact an probe into his effort to overthrow the government.

Trump can’t artifact the 1/6 Committee from getting the documents, arsenic his assertion of enforcement privilege is arsenic bogus arsenic the suit that helium volition file.

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