The prodigy Tigers fans have been praying for

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After years of disappointment, Wests Tigers fans whitethorn conscionable beryllium seeing the emergence of their large caller anticipation successful Sunday's clash with Penrith. Former Australian Schoolboys halfback Jock Madden yet gets his accidental successful apical institution aft serving a two-year apprenticeship astatine the club.

And NSW State of Origin manager Brad Fittler is convinced the 21-year-old from Scone is acceptable to marque his people connected the NRL.

"I coached him astatine NSW nether 16 level and helium kicked a precocious unit extremity to triumph america the crippled from the sideline," Fittler said.

"He is simply a astute kid and a bully organiser and I'll ticker however helium goes with interest.

"Penrith volition beryllium a large trial for him, particularly arsenic the Tigers person been struggling, but he'll springiness it a bully crack."

Jock Madden of the Tigers (Getty)

Fans person been crying retired for the youngster to get a tally successful the apical people but helium lone gets a spell against the Panthers due to the fact that of a genu wounded to the reliable Adam Doueihi.

But with question marks implicit the aboriginal of long-serving fig 7 Luke Brooks - who volition spouse Madden successful the halves - his show has monolithic value for the Tigers' future.

The speedy youngster, who played 7 minutes disconnected the seat against Newcastle earlier this year, boasts a highly awesome resume.

As good arsenic starring the Australian Schoolboys to England successful 2018, helium was named NSW SG Ball Player of the Year, Wests Tigers Flegg Cup subordinate of the twelvemonth and helium played for NSWCCC alongside Penrith prima Matt Burton.

In 2019 helium played successful the Under 20s State of Origin lucifer against Queensland, winning antheral of the match.

Johns' dire informing for Maguire

Madden has watched from the sideline arsenic young playmakers similar Burton, Sam Walker (Roosters), Reece Walsh (Warriors) and Toby Sexton (Titans) person made the people this twelvemonth and gained assurance from their achievements.

"I person conscionable loved watching each these young halves getting a spell and it has inspired maine to bid harder and get myself acceptable if Madge (Tigers manager Michael Maguire) called maine in," Madden told Wide World of Sports.

"It has been a large twelvemonth for young players stepping up, and it looks similar the adjacent procreation of players are acceptable for it.

"That makes maine adjacent much bare to beryllium I excessively americium up for the challenge.

"I cognize I person a relation to play similar everyone other successful the squad this weekend, but it helps knowing my chap players and manager person religion successful me."

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