The Latest: Protesters still marching in France against pass

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By The Associated Press

PARIS — Thousands of protesters are marching again successful cities and towns crossed France against a COVID-19 wellness walk required to participate restaurants and cafes, taste and sports venues.

For a sixth consecutive Saturday, opponents denounced what they spot arsenic a regularisation of their freedom. Many person criticized the measure, claiming the French authorities was implicitly making vaccines obligatory.

In Paris, 4 demonstrations were organized by antithetic groups. Elsewhere successful the country, implicit 200 protests were taking place.

Despite the protests, polls person shown the bulk of French radical enactment the wellness pass. More than 40.5 cardinal radical successful France, oregon 60%, are afloat vaccinated.

Since past month, France is registering a precocious fig of infections — astir 22,000 each day.



— AP-NORC poll: Biden sees dip successful enactment amid caller COVID-19 cases

— Demand for COVID-19 antibody drugs soars successful hard-hit states

— Though young and healthy, much unvaccinated successful U.S. dice of COVID-19

— Central Park performance successful NYC expected to gully thousands contempt virus


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MONTGOMERY, Ala. — U.S. Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama says helium and his woman person been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The congressman disclosed the diagnosis successful a station connected societal media. He says he’ll proceed to enactment virtually arsenic overmuch arsenic helium tin portion recovering successful quarantine.

The Republican congressman encouraged radical to sermon vaccines and treatments with their aesculapian providers. Alabama is seeing a surge successful microorganism cases and hospitalizations that aesculapian officials accidental is fueled by the highly contagious delta variant and debased vaccination rates successful the state.


BERLIN — Austria’s authorities says it whitethorn bounds entree to nightclubs to radical who person been vaccinated against COVID-19 if infections emergence successful the fall.

Like galore different European countries, Austria is seeing coronavirus infections summation arsenic the delta variant takes hold, peculiarly among younger radical who haven’t been afloat vaccinated.

Currently, radical request to person been vaccinated oregon person a caller antagonistic PCR trial to participate nightclubs.

A associated connection Saturday from the chancellery and the wellness ministry says a vaccinated-only attack whitethorn beryllium indispensable successful the autumn if corruption rates proceed to emergence and the fig of vaccinated young radical remains comparatively low. It pointed to a “particular hazard of alleged superspreader events” arsenic societal beingness moves indoors aft the summer.


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s occupation support standing has ticked down and Americans are taking a little affirmative presumption of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s according to a caller canvass from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The survey shows Biden’s wide occupation support standing dipping from 59% past period to 54%. The public’s appraisal of his handling of the pandemic has fallen adjacent further, down from 66% enactment successful July to 54%.

That coincides with accrued COVID-19 cases successful the United States and stalled vaccination rates. Jeanette Ellis-Carter, 69, wants to spot Biden propulsion for much vaccine mandates crossed the nation. Despite being afloat vaccinated, the Cincinnati nonmigratory precocious contracted COVID-19 and worries that without vaccine requirements, much Americans volition beryllium astatine hazard of getting sick.

“When I was a kid successful school, we were mandated to get the polio shot, measles. What’s immoderate antithetic astir this?” she said.

Republican officials person led the absorption to the vaccine and disguise measures the Biden medication has enactment successful spot this summer. Some Republican governors are opposing masks successful schools.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Health officials successful Alabama accidental they are seeing a spike successful cases among young adults and children arsenic the highly contagious delta variant sweeps done unvaccinated populations.

Christina Tidmore urged radical to get vaccinated aft losing her hubby to COVID-19. Her 36-year-old spouse was young and steadfast but succumbed to the illness wrong 3 weeks. The mates didn’t get vaccinated aft proceeding conflicting messages.

In the past month, radical betwixt ages 25 to 49 made up 14% of each COVID deaths successful the state. Some 29% of deaths are ages 50 to 64.

“There is nary question that the mean property of radical who are being hospitalized is going down,” State Health Officer Scott Harris said. The Alabama Hospital Association said this week 85% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated.


EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon and Oregon State became the archetypal Power Five schools to denote they volition necessitate impervious of vaccination oregon a antagonistic coronavirus trial for radical implicit property 12 to be shot games.

Oregon says the determination was made with nationalist wellness authorities and “peer institutions successful the state.” The mandate goes into effect Monday and comes astatine the extremity of a week erstwhile authorities officials warned of rapidly filling hospitals arsenic regular reported cases reached grounds numbers.

The Oregon shot squad opens its play astatine 54,000-seat Autzen Stadium successful Eugene connected Sept. 4 against Fresno State. Oregon State begins its location docket astatine Reser Stadium connected Sept. 11 against Hawaii.


NEW YORK — The sounds of opus volition beryllium ringing retired from Central Park, with thousands expected for a superstar-laden performance meant to observe New York City’s betterment from the coronavirus.

Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Jennifer Hudson, Carlos Santana, LL Cool J and Andrea Bocelli are among the performers astatine what is being billed arsenic the “Homecoming Concert.”

Despite the joyful intention, the performance is taking spot erstwhile determination are worries implicit the contagious delta variant of COVID-19. According to authorities statistics, New York City has averaged conscionable nether 2,000 caller cases of coronavirus a time implicit the past week. Those who be the performance indispensable amusement impervious of vaccination.


ORLANDO, Fla. — The politician of Orlando is asking residents to halt watering their lawns and washing their cars for astatine slightest a week.

Mayor Buddy Dyer says h2o usage needed to beryllium chopped backmost due to the fact that of the caller surge of COVID-19 hospitalizations. The Orlando Utility Commission treats the city’s h2o with liquid oxygen and supplies that ordinarily spell toward h2o attraction person been diverted to hospitals for patients suffering from the virus.

The city-owned inferior typically goes done 10 trucks of liquid oxygen a week, but its supplier precocious says that could beryllium chopped backmost to 5 to 7 trucks a week to accommodate hospitals.

Officials astatine 1 of the Orlando area’s largest wellness attraction systems said this week they had 1,620 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, doubly what it was during past winter’s highest precocious for AdventHealth.


SYDNEY — Authorities successful Australia accidental much than 250 radical person been arrested portion protesting coronavirus lockdowns successful the country. Many faced fines for defying wellness orders.

The protests took spot Saturday successful respective cities nationwide, with the largest and astir convulsive protestation successful Melbourne. At slightest 7 constabulary officers were treated for injuries aft skirmishes broke retired astatine immoderate of the protests.

Sydney has been successful lockdown for 2 months, portion Melbourne and Australia’s capital, Canberra, went into lockdown earlier this month. Under the rules of the lockdown, radical are mostly confined to their homes and person limits placed connected their societal interactions.

Protestors accidental the lockdowns should end, but authorities accidental they are indispensable to suppress the dispersed of the microorganism and prevention lives.

Despite the restrictions, Sydney’s New South Wales authorities reported a grounds 825 caller regular assemblage infections connected Saturday. Several cities are battling outbreaks of the highly contagious delta variant.


BERLIN — New coronavirus infections successful Germany person reached their highest level successful astir 3 months amid a dependable emergence powered by the delta variant.

The nationalist illness power center, the Robert Koch Institute, says Saturday that 51.6 caller cases per 100,000 residents were reported implicit the past 7 days. It’s the archetypal clip since May 25 that the corruption complaint has been supra 50, but it has been expanding since hitting a debased of 4.9 successful aboriginal July.

The illness power halfway says 8,092 caller cases were reported implicit the past 24 hours — up from 5,644 a week earlier. More cases are getting detected arsenic summertime vacations extremity and children instrumentality to schools successful immoderate parts of Germany.

German authorities person been trying to reinvigorate the country’s vaccination drive, which has slowed considerably. Official figures showed that 63% of Germany’s colonisation had received astatine slightest 1 vaccine dose arsenic of Thursday and 58% was afloat vaccinated.


HANOI, Vietnam — Vietnam’s authorities says it is sending troops to Ho Chi Minh City to assistance present nutrient and assistance to households arsenic it further tightens restrictions connected people’s movements amid a worsening surge of the coronavirus.

The service unit volition beryllium deployed to assistance with logistics arsenic the metropolis of 10 cardinal radical asks residents to “stay put” for 2 weeks starting from Monday, a study connected the authorities website said Friday.

The determination comes arsenic Vietnam, which weathered overmuch the pandemic with precise fewer cases, recorded much than 10,000 caller infections and 390 deaths connected Friday. Ho Chi Minh City accounted for 3,500 of those infections.

Ho Chi Minh City has had strict coronavirus measures successful spot since June, including banning gatherings of much than 2 radical successful nationalist and lone allowing radical to permission location for indispensable matters similar buying nutrient oregon going to enactment successful definite permitted businesses. Under the caller measures, radical successful precocious hazard areas cannot permission location astatine all.


HONOLULU — A infirmary serving a Honolulu suburb has filled up arsenic the assemblage faces a surge of COVID-19 cases.

All 104 beds astatine The Queen’s Medical Center-West Oahu are full, said Jason Chang, the CEO of The Queen’s Health Systems.

The Ewa Beach infirmary has sent immoderate patients to its sibling installation successful downtown Honolulu. It’s besides asked unit from different parts of the Queen’s strategy to travel help.

The metropolis has acceptable up a triage structure extracurricular the infirmary that has 25 cots. The infirmary whitethorn adhd beds successful hallways and different makeshift areas but not each patients volition get rooms.

Chang says the infirmary had 63 patients successful its exigency country astatine 1 time, which is simply a situation fixed the infirmary lone has 24 ER beds. Twenty-six of those successful the ER were determination with imaginable COVID-19 infections.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A national squad of wellness attraction workers has been deployed to a coastal Alabama infirmary that is being ‘crushed’ with a surge of COVID-19 patients, the authorities wellness serviceman says.

State Health Officer Scott Harris says the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is sending a task unit team, that includes nurses, a doc and others, to assistance astatine South Baldwin Regional Medical Center successful Foley. Similar assistance had been sent to assistance successful Louisiana and Mississippi.

Coastal areas person been peculiarly hard deed by the caller COVID-19 surge, and the squad was sent to the country having the top need, authorities wellness officials said.

Alabama is seeing a surge successful COVID-19 cases that aesculapian officials accidental is fueled by debased vaccination rates and the highly contagious delta variant.


MIAMI — Florida officials are threatening to withhold funds adjacent to the salaries of schoolhouse committee members if schoolhouse districts successful 2 counties don’t instantly bash distant with strict disguise mandates arsenic the authorities continues to conflict done precocious hospitalization rates.

School boards successful Broward and Alachua counties received a informing from the State Board of Education giving them 48 hours to locomotion backmost their decisions to necessitate masks for each students, lone exempting those with a doctor’s note.

“We cannot person authorities officials prime and take what laws they privation to follow,” Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran said successful an emailed statement. “These are the archetypal consequences to their intentional refusal to travel authorities instrumentality and authorities regularisation to purposefully and willingly interruption the rights of parents.”

Corcoran said the 2 districts are violating the Parents’ Bill of Rights and a precocious July enforcement bid by Gov. Ron DeSantis that prompted rules limiting however acold districts tin spell with disguise requirements. DeSantis maintains masks tin beryllium detrimental for children’s development.

But committee members successful the 2 countries decided not to let parents to easy opt retired of the mandate arsenic surging cases fueled by the delta variant strained hospitals.


FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s run for COVID-19 vaccinations gained a caller dependable with a highly idiosyncratic testimonial — a one-time vaccine skeptic recounting his debilitating combat against the virus.

Ethan Koehler, 28, spoke successful stark presumption of his travel from downplaying the pandemic to being laid debased by excruciating pain, struggles to respire and past “relearning” to locomotion without losing his enactment arsenic the coronavirus ravaged his health.

“I was very, precise large connected anti-COVID, anti-vaccine,” Koehler said. “I made Facebook posts, nationalist posts, talked to people, made a large woody astir it. Made a constituent to not deterioration a mask. Made a constituent to accidental that COVID wasn’t important. And I americium eating crow connected it, due to the fact that I experienced it.”

Koehler’s video connection was shown astatine Beshear’s media briefing Thursday afternoon. After months of imploring Kentuckians to instrumentality COVID-19 shots, the politician has turned progressively to others to assistance marque the case.

Koehler’s ordeal highlighted different alarming inclination — increasing corruption rates among younger Kentuckians, who are little apt to beryllium vaccinated.


SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco has go the archetypal large metropolis successful the United States to necessitate impervious of afloat vaccination against the coronavirus for radical to dine wrong restaurants, enactment retired successful gyms oregon be indoor concerts.

Restaurants and bars posted signs and added other unit Friday to statesman verifying people’s impervious of vaccination earlier allowing them in.

The caller regularisation goes beyond New York City, which lone requires radical to beryllium astatine slightest partially inoculated for a assortment of indoor activities.

Local concern groups successful San Francisco person supported the caller vaccine mandate, saying it volition support their employees’ and customers’ wellness and support them from having to bounds capableness indoors.


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