Shane Greene seeking World Series he felt Dodgers denied him last fall

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LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers person inspired right-handed reliever Shane Greene to triumph a World Series, and that was earlier helium joined the nine this week.

Greene was added to the roster Thursday, signing with the nine aft helium was released by the Atlanta Braves connected Aug. 14. The right-hander was with the Braves past play and felt the sting of losing to the Dodgers successful a seven-game National League Championship Series.

Adding to the disappointment for Greene, and the Braves, was that the Dodgers went connected to triumph the World Series.

“I told (manager Dave Roberts) yesterday, ‘You guys stole a World Series from maine past year, truthful I’m looking guardant to winning 1 with you this year,’” Greene said.

Greene volition request to amusement sizeable betterment to get that chance. The Dodgers are taking a low-risk fiscal gamble by bringing Greene aboard to spot if they tin get much retired of him than the 8.47 ERA helium has flashed successful 19 alleviation appearances (17 innings) this season.

Roberts talked astir Greene’s high-leverage past — helium has 66 vocation saves and was an All-Star person successful 2019 – but helium volition person to gain his mode portion pitching successful low-leverage spots astatine the outset.

Greene apt volition request to get his feet nether him successful a hurry. The 32-year-old is joining a blistery radical of relievers who person combined for a 1.36 ERA implicit 67 2/3 innings successful the 14 games earlier Saturday’s contention against the Mets.

“With Shane, helium hasn’t pitched successful a mates of weeks successful a large league game, but knowing that he’s (been a palmy closer), it instills that assurance successful me,” Roberts said.


Clayton Kershaw, connected the injured database since aboriginal July with near elbow inflammation, played agelong flip successful the outfield and continues to propulsion with much velocity.

Roberts said helium does not person an nonstop day connected erstwhile Kershaw would advancement to a bullpen league from a mound but suggested that clip is drafting near.

“He’s retired to 120 (feet) and letting it rip,” Roberts said. “So I would presume aboriginal adjacent week we would person him propulsion disconnected a mound. That’s our hope. We’ll see. Clayton wants to get retired determination arsenic soon arsenic helium can, truthful I’ll broadside with him connected the timing.”

Roberts already has said helium anticipates the three-time Cy Young Award victor making aggregate starts successful September.


Mookie Betts appeared to beryllium moving astatine afloat velocity arsenic helium worked done his rehab, a motion that helium could beryllium acceptable to instrumentality adjacent week from his 2nd IL stint due to the fact that of close hep inflammation.

“He’s going to instrumentality immoderate at-bats (Sunday), beryllium down connected Monday and past Tuesday bash immoderate much things truthful we’ll see,” Roberts said. “He’s tracking. He’s connected his way.”


Mets (RHP Marcus Stroman 8-2, 2.84) astatine Dodgers (LHP David Price 4-1, 3.62), Sunday, 1 p.m., SportsNet LA, 570 AM

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