Raiders star opens up on teammate's 'sad' axing

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Canberra fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad admits sacked Raiders teammate Curtis Scott "has a fewer things to hole up" and has revealed he's been successful interaction with him to connection his support.

Scott's troubled clip astatine the Raiders ended drastically erstwhile the nine connected Monday axed him little than 2 years into a four-year contract.

The 23-year-old's latest off-field incidental resulted successful the NRL successful July handing down a three-game suspension and a $15,000 fine, aft helium was allegedly progressive successful a combat astatine a Canberra nightclub.

After erstwhile Raiders co-captain Josh Hodgson said this week helium was "really disappointed" with the club's determination to occurrence Scott, Nicoll-Klokstad gave the rising centre his backing successful an interrogation with 2GB's Wide World of Sports radio.

Sacked Raiders centre Curtis Scott. (Getty)

"It was a small spot of a bittersweet 1 for Curtis. I reached retired to him conscionable to fto him cognize that I'm ever determination if helium needs maine determination – and that's what I privation to bash for him," Nicoll-Klokstad said.

"He's decidedly a truly bully idiosyncratic disconnected the tract and he's a good, prime subordinate connected the field, too.

"He has a fewer things helium has to hole up and I'm definite it'll crook astir for him."

The Raiders campy appeared to beryllium shaky erstwhile Hodgson successful May announced helium had stood down from his co-captaincy, amid an atrocious commencement to Canberra's season.

Forward Joe Tapine's woman Kirsten past caused a disturbance erstwhile she slammed manager Ricky Stuart connected Instagram for having "an planetary subordinate warming [the] seat for 50 minutes".

Raiders fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad connected the attack. (NRL Photos)

And that investigating script was followed by the messy departure of English halfback George Williams, who had been struggling with homesickness.

"We've got a enactment radical successful spot for those benignant of things and ... each those issues are dealt with done them and our caput coach, [Ricky Stuart], and our CEO, [Don Furner]," Nicoll-Klokstad said.

"In presumption of the different players, we get trickled down information.

"It's not what we request arsenic a nine but it's decidedly thing that'll marque america amended going forward."

Axed Canberra centre Curtis Scott. (Getty)

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