Rachel Maddow Says Trump And Republicans Should Be Anxious About The 1/6 Committee Investigation

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Rachel Maddow said that Trump and the Republicans are justifiably anxious astir the 1/6 Committee investigation.

Rachel Maddow: Republicans Have Justifiable Anxiety About The 1/6 Investigation


Rachel Maddow says Republican and Trump anxiousness astir a existent 1/6 probe is justified. https://t.co/GViD58WRS2


Maddow said:

Finally, idiosyncratic is trying to get to the bottommost of that. And I mean those were just slivers of the requests astir Trump White House records and the Pentagon. That’s conscionable 2 of the eight agencies who are fielding these kinds of requests arsenic of today. That’s not adjacent counting, for example, the petition to the Justice Department astir Trump trying to get Justice Department officials to overturn election results successful definite states and what they were trying for was overall. 

So these demands for communications and documents have gone retired arsenic of today, and they person gone retired similar a carpet bombing effort. The anxiousness successful Trump satellite and in the Republican Party astir there being a realinvestigation of January 6th, including the actual anticipation by those mobs who attacked the Capitol that somehow Trump was going to ending up staying president if they conscionable played their part right, that anxiousness astir there being a existent probe and real efforts to support Trump successful power contempt the information that he lost the election, their anxiety about that really being investigated thoroughly was probably warranted anxiety.

It was astir if the former president did effort to usage the power of his bureau to interruption our democracy and prehend powerfulness by force. That’s thing that isn’t just a grounds we’re going to request for the past books, it’s something we request to cognize now, particularly successful presumption of who helped him and however they did so. 

Republicans Like Kevin McCarthy Are Paranoid And Scared

Kevin McCarthy wasn’t fooling anyone with his they’re coming for you excessively shtick. McCarthy couldn’t fell his fearfulness that the 1/6 Committee is going to get his telephone records, and what they mightiness find is simply a full batch much than conscionable 1 speech with Donald Trump.

House Republicans cognize that a existent probe could outgo them successful 2022. Rachel Maddow was correct. Republicans are anxious and surviving successful panic of a existent 1/6 investigation.

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