Otter Assistant auto transcription expands beyond Zoom, to Teams, Google Meet and more

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(Pocket-lint) - Otter has announced an enlargement to its Otter Assistant video telephone transcription service.

Originally made disposable for Zoom successful May, it present supports different video conferencing services arsenic well. Otter Business Plan subscribers tin usage the car transcription features successful Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Cisco Webex.

After fixed permission, the Otter Assistant volition execute administrative tasks successful real-time during your calls. It tin beryllium linked to online calendars, docket recordings and then, during league calls, instrumentality notes and stock transcripts with each attendees.

@With much companies adapting to a hybrid enactment exemplary wherever professionals enactment and instrumentality meetings in-office, astatine home, and connected mobile, galore are looking to Otter arsenic a instrumentality to amended squad connection and collaboration," said Otter co-founder, Sam Liang.

"We’re excited to marque utilizing Otter adjacent easier and much accessible nary substance wherever oregon however radical behaviour and enactment successful meetings."

Otter offers a escaped online transcription service, with a acceptable fig of minutes of transcriptions disposable arsenic portion of its Basic rank astatine nary cost. There is besides Pro membership.

With both, you tin transcrive audio unrecorded oregon by uploading a prerecorded audio file. You get 3 escaped uploads a period connected Basic.

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 Otter Assistant is lone disposable connected the Business plan, however, priced astatine $20 per month. That besides gives you two-factor authentication and a fig of different exclusive features.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 25 August 2021.

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