Osaka 'did wrong' with French Open withdrawal

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Four-time expansive slam champion Naomi Osaka says "there's a batch of things" she "did wrong" during her 2021 French Open withdrawal.

Osaka was successful the spotlight successful May, erstwhile she withdrew from the tourney aft refusing to talk to the media during the event, citing intelligence wellness reasons for her decision.

She was fined $15,000 for not engaging successful media duties astatine Roland Garros, hoping that immoderate good wealth she incurred would spell toward a intelligence wellness charity.

"Honestly, I consciousness similar there's a batch of things that I did incorrect successful that moment, but I'm besides the benignant of idiosyncratic that's precise successful the moment," Osaka told reporters successful New York, up of the US Open.

Osaka withdraws from Roland Garros

"Like immoderate I feel, I'll accidental it oregon bash it. I don't needfully deliberation that's a atrocious thing. I deliberation there's a batch of things that I learned to bash better. Of course, I don't consciousness the aforesaid concern volition hap again," she said.

"I would accidental possibly deliberation it done a spot much successful the mode that, like, I didn't cognize however large of a woody it would become," Osaka added.

Her determination to propulsion retired of Roland Garros and instrumentality immoderate clip distant from competitory tennis sparked statement astir the narration athletes person with the media, and whether oregon not property conferences relation astatine the detriment of their intelligence health.

Osaka said the property league format is "out of date" and "in large request of a refresh," successful an op-ed she penned for a July contented of TIME magazine.

"I emotion the press; I bash not emotion each property conferences," wrote Osaka. "However, successful my sentiment (and I privation to accidental that this is conscionable my sentiment and not that of each tennis subordinate connected tour), the property league format itself is ... successful large request of a refresh."

MASON, OHIO - AUGUST 18: Naomi Osaka of Japan plays a forehand during her lucifer against Cori Gauff during Western & Southern Open - Day 4 astatine Lindner Family Tennis Center connected August 18, 2021 successful Mason, Ohio. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) (Getty)

"I judge that we tin marque it amended [...] Less taxable vs. object; much peer-to-peer," she added.

The satellite No. 3 besides garnered attraction earlier this period erstwhile she took a abbreviated intermission during a pre-tournament property league astatine the Western & Southern Open aft she started crying.

After being knocked retired of the tourney by Jil Teichmann, Osaka reflected that making the prime to spell retired and play "itself is an accomplishment."

Earlier this month, Osaka said she was feeling much thankful for her tennis career, aft seeing the harrowing situations successful Haiti and Afghanistan.

The two-time US Open champion volition look to reclaim her rubric astatine this twelvemonth astatine Flushing Meadows, which begins connected Monday, August 30.

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