NRL to consider radical kicking rule change

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A projected regularisation alteration could beryllium trialled arsenic aboriginal arsenic adjacent week, that would spot teams person a seven-tackle acceptable if the absorption finds interaction with a kick.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the NRL's innovation committee volition conscionable aboriginal adjacent week to see the change, which is designed to velocity up the game.

The Round 25 lucifer betwixt Canterbury and the Wests Tigers has been earmarked arsenic a imaginable proceedings of the caller rule, with the lucifer improbable to person immoderate bearing connected the finals.

Innovation committee president Wayne Pearce is down the idea, which helium says volition amended the spectacle.

Superstar Parramatta Eels halfback Mitch Moses sends the shot long. (NRL Imagery)

"At the moment, erstwhile a shot gets kicked into touch, there's a turnover and the squad tin person it successful the mediate of the tract oregon wherever they privation to person it," Pearce told the Herald.

"My presumption is that there's a quality betwixt a subordinate moving into interaction - whether it beryllium trying to people a effort oregon immoderate - and a subordinate deliberately kicking into interaction to dilatory the play down.

"Sometimes players can't assistance going into interaction oregon the shot getting passed into touch, but if the shot is deliberately kicked into touch, past determination should beryllium immoderate benignant of disincentive."

The alteration would not use to 40-20 oregon 20-40 kicks, some of which reward the kicking squad with the scrum feed.

But the thought has already been fixed the thumbs down by Melbourne prop Christian Welch.

"Please conscionable permission our crippled alone," helium tweeted.

"The tension, grind, unit & crippled absorption astir already gone. Would emotion the committee for little gimmicking with the rules & much absorption connected bigger representation strategy."

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