Now Sky Sports deal gives you Premier League and much more for just £25

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(Pocket-lint) - Now is offering a large festive Sky Sports woody that volition springiness you Premier League and different unrecorded and connected request sporting events for conscionable £25 per month.

Sports rank has much than 25 per cent disconnected erstwhile you instrumentality this connection earlier 3 January 2022.

You conscionable wage £25 per period implicit 4 months, ensuring you tin ticker each of Sky's Premier League matches and each the different Sky Sports channels until the extremity of April. You tin besides ticker the full World Darts Championship too.

Premier League matches that are unrecorded connected Sky Sports implicit the festive play see Aston Villa vs Chelsea and Brighton vs Brentford connected Boxing Day, positive rubric challengers Chelsea vs Liverpool connected 2 January.

The woody is disposable to each caller Now members and existing Sports Month members who are successful the past 30 days of their existent offer.

There is nary declaration to motion and customers tin cancel astatine immoderate clip - lone paying for the period successful which they cancel.

You tin find retired much connected the Sports woody and however to redeem the connection connected the Now homepage here.

We besides urge that you acquisition a Boost to up the representation prime to 1080p and audio to 5.1. It makes a large quality erstwhile watching matches.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 22 December 2021.

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