Modernize and streamline your onboarding process with these policies and checklists

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These 4 resources marque it casual to bring connected a caller worker and cheque each the procedural and regulatory boxes.


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Onboarding is your company's accidental to marque a bully content connected a caller squad member. It's besides a clip to acceptable basal entree levels and pass important policies. Smart companies marque it casual for HR and IT to enactment unneurotic truthful that everything goes smoothly.

These TechRepublic Premium resources volition assistance you marque the onboarding process easier and much efficient. These policies and checklists screen the full process and relationship for hiring distant workers arsenic well. There is besides guidance for managing the process erstwhile a idiosyncratic leaves the company. One of these TechRepublic Premium resources besides maps retired offboarding.

These resources volition travel successful useful successful the caller twelvemonth arsenic the Great Resignation continues and companies capable unfastened roles and make caller ones.

Personnel screening policy

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This argumentation provides guidelines for screening employment candidates for high-risk roles. This includes full-time and part-time employees arsenic good arsenic contingent, temporary, volunteer, intern, contract, advisor and 1099 workers. This TechRepublic resource volition assistance you guarantee that candidates conscionable regulatory and circumstantial requirements for employment.

New Employee Checklist and Default Access Policy

This caller worker checklist and default entree argumentation assigns responsibilities for tasks required for caller hires to get up and running. This argumentation covers tools, cognition and permissions and makes it casual for HR and IT to enactment unneurotic to implicit this process. This argumentation besides sets the superior level of systems entree for each extremity user.

Onboarding/Offboarding Checklist

Establishing a ceremonial process for onboarding and offboarding each employees ensures that important hiring and termination steps aren't accidentally overlooked. These 2 checklists encompass some processes. This TechRepublic assets makes it casual to instrumentality a thorough approach and support your company's information and different delicate information.

7 steps for onboarding distant employees

In 2022, each onboarding procedures should enactment for distant employees. It's a look for catastrophe to presume that a caller prosecute volition implicit the process in-person. This TechRepublic Premium argumentation and checklist tin trim errors and forestall embarrassing oversights erstwhile bringing connected a caller squad member.

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