Mitch McConnell Turtles Up Refuses To Criticize DeSantis And Abbott For COVID Crisis

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to knock Govs. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for their COVID spreading policies.


Mitch McConnell refuses to knock Govs. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for spreading COVID and sidesplitting Americans, "I'm benignant of reluctant to springiness governors proposal astir however they ought to transportation retired their responsibilities during the pandemic."


McConnell said erstwhile asked astir DeSantis and Abbott, “You know, I’m benignant of reluctant to give governors proposal astir how they ought to transportation retired their responsibilities during the pandemic, but I bash deliberation it’s important to retrieve that 90% of the radical successful the hospitals are unvaccinated, truthful the answer to this is get vaccinated. If we could support saying that over and implicit and implicit again, I think that’s the cardinal to this. This is simply a situation among unvaccinated Americans who seem to beryllium reluctant to judge that vaccination works. It does.”

Mitch McConnell Is A Profile In Cowardice

The close reply from McConnell would person been to accidental that the governors request to halt discouraging vaccinations and masking. COVID is not a states rights issue. The pandemic doesn’t attraction astir federalism arguments. Pandemics don’t respect borders.

If Mitch McConnell were a existent leader, helium would spell beyond his ain vaccine advocacy and pb his enactment against the anti-vaxxer movement. McConnell is the top-ranking elected Republican successful the country.

Not adjacent Americans dying by the thousands tin marque Sen. McConnell halt turning a unsighted oculus to Republican destruction.

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