Lions star 'in all sorts' after sickening knee to the face

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Lions guardant Dan McStay was near bloodied and forced retired of the lucifer aft copping a genu to the look during Brisbane's qualifying last against Melbourne tonight.

McStay's nighttime lasted conscionable 5 minutes aft taking connected an accidental genu to the look from teammate Nakia Cockatoo during a marking contest.

The 26-year-old was seen with humor pouring from his chemoreceptor arsenic trainers rushed implicit to assistance the guardant disconnected the field.

McStay was subbed retired of the crippled conscionable moments aboriginal for midfielder Rhys Mathieson.

"Daniel McStay is successful a batch of trouble. He doesn't look good," Richmond large Matthew Richardson said successful commentary for Channel Seven.

Dan McStay comes disconnected the tract (Getty/Channel Seven)

Boundary commentator Mark Soderstrom added: "In each sorts of occupation from that affable fire."

"As soon arsenic helium got deed trainers were retired there, doctors and truthful forth. The umpires arsenic well, you tin spot they're each shaking their head.

"He's successful a just spot of occupation astatine the infinitesimal getting sorted."

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