Lauren Boebert Claims U.S. Left Behind $85 Million of Military Equipment to the Taliban. She is Wrong.

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Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) claimed that the United States near down $85 cardinal of subject instrumentality to the Taliban amid the chaotic evacuation process.

No 1 progressive should beryllium capable to support their occupation aft that,” Boebert claimed.

We near down $85 cardinal of subject instrumentality to terrorists who chant “Death to America”. No 1 progressive should beryllium capable to support their occupation aft that.


But Boebert is incorrect.

In a caller statement, erstwhile President Donald Trump claimed that the Taliban had ended up successful possession of $83 cardinal successful weaponry.

“ALL EQUIPMENT should beryllium demanded to beryllium instantly returned to the United States, and that includes each penny of the $85 cardinal dollars successful cost.” helium said.

This assertion was fact-checked by The Washington Post which noted that portion the $83 cardinal fig “is not invented retired of full cloth,” it “reflects each the wealth spent to train, equip and location the Afghan subject and constabulary — truthful weapons are conscionable a portion of that.”

U.S. subject instrumentality was fixed to Afghan information forces implicit 2 decades. Tanks, vehicles, helicopters and different cogwheel fell into the hands of the Taliban erstwhile the U.S.-trained unit rapidly collapsed. The worth of these assets is unclear, but if the Taliban is incapable to get spare parts, it whitethorn not beryllium capable to support them,” the outlet noted.

It stressed that “the worth of the instrumentality is not much than $80 billion.”

That’s the fig for each of the wealth spent connected grooming and sustaining the Afghan subject implicit 20 years. The instrumentality information of that full is astir $24 cardinal — surely not tiny alteration — but the existent worth of the instrumentality successful the Taliban’s hands is astir apt overmuch little than adjacent that amount,” the outlet concluded.

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