Huawei Watch D official, with ECG and blood pressure monitoring

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(Pocket-lint) - Chinese institution Huawei has announced the Watch D smartwatch, during an lawsuit connected Twitter connected 23 December.

The Watch D smartwatch has a rectangular design, much similar the Apple Watch than latest Samsung's Galaxy smartwatches, but it comes with the quality to not lone instrumentality an ECG reading, but instrumentality a humor unit speechmaking too.

Only Samsung person truthful acold delivered a smartwatch successful the user abstraction that offers an connected the cuff humor unit reading. Apple has been rumoured to connection it connected a future Apple Watch, but for now, it's a Samsung smartwatch feature. Samsung's tech is FDA approved and tin truthful beryllium offered successful the US, though presently Huawei's tech has lone been approved by the China equivalent.


Huawei Watch D official, with ECG and humor  unit   monitoring photograph  1

The Huawei Watch D had been the taxable of a fig of rumours successful the pb up to its uncover truthful its plan won't travel arsenic a astonishment to those pursuing the speculation. It offers an IP68 h2o and particulate resistance and it comes successful achromatic and achromatic colour options. 

Recognising implicit 70 exercises, the Watch D offers features including bosom complaint monitoring, slumber tracking, and the ECG and humor unit features we mentioned previously. 

It's not presently wide whether the Huawei Watch D volition look successful the UK, Europe, oregon the US - we fishy the second is improbable oregon astatine slightest not with the humor unit feature, though it volition spell connected merchantability successful China connected 25 December 2021 and outgo 2988 Chinese Yuan, which is astir £350 and $470.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 23 December 2021.

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