How To Make Submit Press Releases Online

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How To Make Submit Press Releases Online


If you're looking for an online submission platform that allows you to submit press releases, we've got one for you. In this post, we'll walk you through the best ways to submit your press release online and why each method is better than the rest.


PRNewswire is one of the most popular press release distribution sites. submit press release online It was founded in 1999, and it now has over 300,000 members worldwide. PRNewswire is a paid submission site that allows you to submit your press releases for free but charges for each published article or blog post that includes your information.

PRNewswire provides a unique opportunity for bloggers who want exposure for their company or product without having to pay thousands in advertising dollars upfront. If you’re looking for an easy way to spread the word about yourself and/or your company online without spending too much money on advertising, then PR News Wire could be just what you need!


PRWeb is one of the most popular press release sites, and for good reason—it has a wide range of features that make it an attractive place to submit your story. For example, you can use PRWeb’s API or mobile apps to create custom landing pages based on your release.

Some users love how easy it is to find potential advertisers and clients through the site’s database of over 900 million company profiles (and growing). And if you want help getting coverage in top news outlets like submit a press release The Wall Street Journal or Forbes Magazine, PRWeb offers premium placement services at reasonable prices: $595 per month for 20 stories published; $995 per month for 50 stories published; plus additional benefits like recognition as a “top advertiser” from our readership database.*


BusinessWire is a news distribution service that serves business and financial professionals. BusinessWire is the top source for news in the industry, providing more than 100,000 journalists with news releases, corporate profiles, and multimedia content. press release submission sites The company also offers professional services such as press conferences, media training, and research reports on companies in their coverage area.

BusinessWire's mission is to support journalists while they work on breaking stories; helping them get access to executives or employees who may not be willing to talk with reporters directly; providing relevant information about companies so that readers can make informed decisions about whether they should invest their money into those stocks/funds/etc..


Marketwired is a leading online press release distribution service. Marketwired is a trusted source for news and information about companies, industries, markets and trends.

Marketwired provides you with the most comprehensive source of business news on the web. submit press releases Through its network of more than 25,000 journalists worldwide, MarketWired delivers high-quality content that helps you increase your brand awareness while reaching targeted audiences at the right time in their lives.

Submit Press Release Online

There are many websites that allow you to submit your press release. submit news release The most well-known sites are PRWeb, Businesswire, Marketwired, and PR Newswire. You can also submit your press release on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


I hope you enjoyed the post and learned a little more about how to submit press releases online. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below!

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