Horizon Forbidden West gets a release date, Zero Dawn a 4K 60FPS patch for PS5

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(Pocket-lint) - As portion of the large Opening Night Live watercourse for Gamescom 2021, Guerilla Games popped up with 2 precise juicy bits of accusation for fans of its ongoing Horizon series.

Firstly, the large and long-awaited sequel, Forbidden West, has yet got a confirmed merchandise day aft a hold owing to the pandemic - it'll deed PS5 and PS4 connected 18 February 2022.

We knew it was delayed, but this puts the seal connected a day bully and aboriginal adjacent year, which we'll beryllium looking guardant to massively.

Further to that, though, Horizon Zero Dawn has conscionable got a important update immoderate years aft its release, to instrumentality vantage of the PlayStation 5's hardware similar different large Sony exclusives.

Surprise announcement we cognize you’ve been waiting for: the Enhanced Performance Patch for Horizon Zero Dawn connected PlayStation 5 is unrecorded now!

 Unlocks 60 FPS Mode
 4K Checkerboard Resolution
 Free for each PS5 players#HorizonZeroDawn pic.twitter.com/HdiuNNBTmS

— Guerrilla (@Guerrilla) August 25, 2021

The caller patch, mentation 1.53, activates the quality to play astatine 60FPS connected PS5, which volition marque a immense quality for returning oregon first-time players, arsenic is existent of truthful galore different games with next-gen upgrades. It uses checkerboarding to brace this with 4K resolutions for an acquisition that should beryllium nighttime and time compared to playing connected a PS4.

We'll beryllium among the galore diving backmost into Aloy's escapade to get acceptable for Forbidden West, that's for sure.

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