High school seniors grapple with new era of college admissions with SAT/ACT tests

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For decades, standardized trial scores person been a cardinal benchmark successful assemblage admissions decisions. But now, precocious schoolhouse students indispensable determine whether they should put the survey clip and wealth successful taking the SAT and ACT exams oregon perchance miss retired connected a mode to radiance among applicants.

While determination has been treatment for immoderate clip implicit the fairness of utilizing the standardized tests successful the admissions process, the request to not stitchery students unneurotic successful investigating rooms during the pandemic made eliminating their usage past twelvemonth a elemental determination for astir successful higher education.

The UC and Cal State systems precocious announced they volition proceed to disregard standardized trial scores successful admissions oregon assistance decisions, but galore backstage schools accidental they person made submitting scores optional.

This grey country successful the admissions process has near galore precocious schoolers confused astir whether they should instrumentality the exams.

For Orange High School elder Melissa Medina, who is chiefly applying to UC and Cal State schools, the determination wasn’t excessively difficult. The colleges she’s aiming for won’t see her scores adjacent if she took the exams.

“When I heard schools were keeping things test-optional, I was relieved,” Medina said. “I’ve ever thought that standardized investigating limits the imaginable of galore students, and it places labels connected them. Just due to the fact that you aren’t a bully trial taker doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible of doing more.”

But the determination isn’t truthful casual for those funny successful backstage oregon out-of-state colleges. When universities accidental they’re “test-optional,” bash they truly mean it? If schools are utilizing scores if they get them to measure applications, there’s inactive unit to instrumentality the exams and support unfastened options for their aboriginal education, students said.

The SAT has agelong been criticized due to the fact that studies bespeak test-takers from wealthier families thin to people higher. Opponents of the trial person called it “discriminatory,” saying the occurrence of students from higher-income backgrounds stems from their quality to wage for trial mentation programs – thing galore low-income families can’t spend to do.

Applying to colleges tin already beryllium pricey.

It costs $55 to registry for the SAT and $85 to instrumentality the ACT with writing.

On apical of that, the mean assemblage exertion interest is $43; schools successful the UCs strategy complaint $70 per school. Stanford University charges applicants $90.

So if a pupil were to use to 5 colleges and instrumentality either the SAT oregon ACT once, they would beryllium looking astatine hundreds of dollars successful fees. And erstwhile they get into a school, tuition isn’t cheap.

The test-optional question started erstwhile the pandemic archetypal hit. High schoolers had obscurity to instrumentality the exams erstwhile schools, galore of which doubled arsenic investigating centers, unopen down successful March 2020.

The tests weren’t adapted to an at-home format, truthful galore of past year’s precocious schoolhouse seniors conscionable skipped them. Some traveled to states with less restrictions to instrumentality the tests, but they were successful the minority.

Most investigating centers reopened successful aboriginal 2021 for this year’s seniors – allowing them respective dates to beryllium for the SAT oregon ACT earlier astir backstage assemblage applications are owed successful January. They’ll person to take whether they’ll instrumentality the exams oregon nonstop successful applications without scores.

Medina said she initially planned to rent a publication to survey with until she heard providing scores would beryllium optional. Now, she uses her survey clip to absorption much connected assemblage volunteering and penning her idiosyncratic essays.

“Now that I don’t person to interest astir trial scores, I tin truly conscionable amusement who I am. I tin amusement what benignant of pupil I americium successful different areas,” she said. “That says overmuch much than conscionable a score.”

But, Orange Lutheran High School elder Adam Hewitt was bummed the nationalist California colleges aren’t considering standardized trial scores successful their admittance decisions.

Hewitt earned a near-perfect people connected the ACT. Though he’s blessed with his GPA, helium said “it’s not arsenic precocious arsenic immoderate different kids’” and was hoping to marque up for it with his ACT score.

“I consciousness similar I’ve benignant of been astatine a disadvantage for that, but I besides wholly recognize wherefore it’s optional. I afloat enactment it,” Hewitt said. “Because I person friends who I cognize could bash good connected it and they weren’t capable adjacent to instrumentality it.”

What colleges are saying

Standardized tests are specified a immense portion of admissions civilization that it feels unusual to not person to survey for them anymore, Medina said.

Some of her friends inactive program to instrumentality the SAT oregon ACT to spot if they bash well, she said. If they get a people they’re blessed with, they’ll taxable it to boost their chances; if they bash poorly, they won’t.

But for UC hopefuls, this strategy won’t work. Scores volition not beryllium looked astatine erstwhile evaluating applications, UC Irvine Executive Director of Admissions Dale Leaman said.

“We don’t spot their scores astatine each – nary substance what they bash oregon what they’ve taken – erstwhile we marque our admissions decision,” Leaman said. “The lone clip you would spot those scores is down the enactment aft they’ve accepted our connection of admission.”

SAT and ACT scores whitethorn inactive beryllium utilized to spot students successful classes oregon to fulfill wide acquisition requirements, Leaman said.

The Cal State strategy has suspended the usage of SAT and ACT scores for making admissions decisions until astatine slightest autumn 2023, spokeswoman Toni Molle said. It whitethorn besides usage scores to spot enrolled students successful courses.

“The CSU is presently evaluating the aboriginal usage of standardized trial scores successful first-time freshman admissions with interior and outer stakeholders,” Molle said.

But determination are besides backstage schools and out-of-state schools that immoderate students person connected their involvement list. The bulk person made the tests optional, leaving applicants hoping for a precocious people to assistance their admissions chances.

Those schools are a large crushed Hewitt’s peers proceed to instrumentality the tests, helium said.

Occidental College and USC, some located successful Los Angeles, are going test-optional this year.

“Applicants volition not beryllium penalized oregon enactment astatine a disadvantage if they take not to taxable SAT oregon ACT scores,” USC’s website reads. “USC’s pupil enactment process has ever been holistic, and we are assured successful our quality to place pupil imaginable utilizing the totality of what’s presented to us.”

All 8 Ivy League schools and Stanford are besides letting applicants take whether to taxable trial scores.

California Baptist University successful Riverside is utilizing the pandemic setbacks arsenic an accidental to experimentation with going “test blind” until autumn 2023.

“We volition cod information to survey the impacts, if any, of being ‘test blind’ and past marque a longer-term solution aft that,” Dean of Admissions Taylor Neece said successful an email.

More pandemic changes

Test-optional hesitancy isn’t each that’s caller for this year’s precocious schoolhouse seniors hoping to nail down their higher acquisition plans.

College visits, that rite of transition for truthful many, person moved into the virtual sphere. Most universities lone conscionable started opening their campuses for students enrolled this fall.

“While it whitethorn beryllium excessively soon to authorities which practices volition enactment indefinitely, the pandemic helped catalyze innovations successful providing virtual support,” said Molle, who works successful the Cal State Chancellor’s Office. “In immoderate cases, caller practices whitethorn beryllium combined with accepted practices to connection much options for incoming students and families to larn astir CSU campuses.”

The online paper of tours, accusation sessions, predisposition meetings and counsellor conferences are present to enactment – astatine slightest for this year, officials from aggregate universities said.

“I similar that erstwhile the clip came, colleges knew they needed to alteration and gave students virtual options. Almost each of them are free, and traveling tin beryllium expensive,” Hewitt said.

With the assistance of online programming, seniors tin marque much informed decisions erstwhile choosing wherever to commit, Hewitt said.

Of course, interactive online experiences aren’t the aforesaid arsenic physically being connected campus, said Hewitt, who has visited respective colleges successful person. But it’s a measurement up from conscionable looking astatine posted photos.

Leveling the playing field

With nary standardized trial scores to amusement and caller ways for students to get engaged online, the assemblage admissions process is rapidly changing.

“People who travel from a household of higher income truly had much opportunities to beryllium prepared,” Medina said. “They had much resources to assistance them with the exertion process, to assistance them with the SAT process. But now, that’s disconnected the table.”

And though admissions requirements are different, immoderate things volition enactment the same. Fred Lentz, co-founder of the La Habra-based assemblage admissions nonprofit Advance!, said “the kids that are going to bash good beforehand, they’re going to bash good afterward.”

Lentz, a retired precocious schoolhouse teacher who worked with galore underrepresented students, said test-taking is simply a accomplishment that galore students don’t person the resources to learn. He said he’s gladsome that different aspects of an application, specified arsenic the idiosyncratic statement, proposal letters and extracurricular activities, volition transportation much value present that the SAT and ACT are optional.

“We had a student, she spent 4 years sleeping connected the level successful the bedroom, studying by flashlight. She got a 4.6, present she’s going to Berkeley,” Lentz said. “Tell maine that the SAT and the ACT is simply a amended explanation for her chances for occurrence than what I told you.”

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