Fallout TV Show Details Teased, "It's Just A Gonzo, Crazy, Funny Adventure"

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We're surviving successful the property of gaming adaptations, and Bethesda's Fallout is nary exception. With a caller Fallout TV amusement in the works, the shaper teased a fewer details astir what fans of the Wasteland tin expect from the upcoming "mindf***" that lies ahead. 

The upcoming Fallout tribute is presently successful accumulation implicit astatine Amazon, and Lucy Joy, co-creator alongside fellow Westworld extraordinaire Jonathan Nolan, precocious sat down with the folks implicit at Collider to tease a tiny wrong look astatine what's successful store. While Joy couldn't springiness immoderate details, for evident reasons, she did committedness that it volition connection an acquisition that nary 1 volition expect. 

"It is conscionable a gonzo, crazy, funny, escapade and a mindf*** similar nary you've ever seen before," she told the site, adding that she thinks it's "pretty cool" and that it's a task she's passionate about. As a monolithic Hunter S. Thompson fan, I admit her usage of the connection "gonzo," and I volition admit, her enactment on Westworld has maine intrigued. The 2 properties aren't rather arsenic separated arsenic radical mightiness think, particularly with the doom facet featuring in, but I americium funny successful seeing however she'll enactment her originative rotation connected the Bethesda RPG. 

Fallout has seen galore tales done the years. Some grim, others excessively weird to instrumentality seriously, and beauteous overmuch everything successful between. It sounds similar wit volition play a large relation and that the squad is aiming to daze veterans of the franchise with thing new. What that volition entail remains to beryllium seen, but she has our attention. 

Unfortunately, we don't cognize what the Fallout TV amusement volition halfway on: a caller communicative altogether and adaptation of Fallout 3, perhaps? 4? New Vegas? We don't know, but for now, astatine slightest we person "gonzo." 

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[Source: Collider via ComicBook]

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