Biden Kills 2 High Profile ISIS Targets And Gets 100,000 Afghans Out Of Afghanistan

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President Biden has gotten implicit 100,000 Afghans retired of Afghanistan portion sidesplitting 2 high-profile ISIS-K targets.

The Pentagon announced that 2 precocious illustration ISIS-K targets were killed successful a US drone strike:


The Pentagon announced astatine a briefing:

I tin confirm, arsenic much information has travel in, that two high-profile ISIStargets were killed, and 1 was wounded. And we cognize of zero civilian casualties. Without specifying immoderate future plans, I volition accidental that we will continue to person the quality to defend ourselves and to leverage over the skyline capableness to conduct counterterrorism operations arsenic needed. 

We proceed the evacuate American citizens and vulnerable Afghans retired of Kabul. In fact, determination are approximately 1,400 individuals astatine the Kabul airport who person been screened and manifested for flights today. As I said yesterday, we person the ability to see evacuees on military airlifts retired of Afghanistan until the precise end. This is simply a monolithic military, diplomatic, information and human operation for america and our allies. 

Yesterday, 32 U.S. Military aircraft, 27 C-17s, and five C-130s departed with approximately 4,000 personnel. Combined with 34 coalition aircraft, departures, an additional 2,800 unit left Kabul for assorted staging bases. 66 flights near retired of Kabul yesterday successful the 24-hour play with 6,800 evacuees. Today, I tin study an updated total evacuation that is more than 117,000. The immense bulk of which are Afghans. Of this full number, approximately 5,400 are American citizens.

Biden Is Killing Terrorists And Getting Afghans Out, But Republicans Still Complain.

The evacuation that Biden has been capable to propulsion disconnected is an astonishing feat. Of the 6,000 Americans who were successful Afghanistan, 5,400 are out, and the State Department says that 350 much Americans privation to leave, and 280 Americans volition stay:

State: We person received confirmation that astatine slightest 5,400 Americans person been evacuated from Afghanistan since Aug. 14, inc. astir 300 successful past day. At present, approx. 350 Americans person told america inactive seeking to leave. further 280 aforesaid ID americans not told of plans to permission


President Biden deserves praise, not calls for his resignation. He is successful the process of pulling disconnected an evacuation that immoderate experts and media critics did not deliberation was possible.

The medication adjacent warned of the onslaught from ISIS astatine the Kabul airdrome earlier it happened.

The archetypal misdeed for the US was going into Afghanistan without a wide nonsubjective for victory. The evacuation was ever going to beryllium messy, and perchance deadly. While we mourn for the 13 Marines who mislaid their lives, we besides should not suffer show of the feat that the Biden medication has accomplished.

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