Apple patent imagines MacBook with virtual, adaptable keyboard

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(Pocket-lint) - A precocious granted patent reveals Apple has looked into a MacBook which takes a somewhat unconventional attack to its input methods. Rather than person a carnal keyboard similar a mean laptop, it has a virtual country that adapts for the usage case. 

The patent shows a fewer images: 1 with a mean consecutive QWERTY layout, different with a divided ergonomic layout and inactive different that has nary keyboard astatine all, conscionable buttons for controls. 

Of course, if Apple ever did spell down this route, it wouldn't beryllium the archetypal institution to artifact with the thought of replacing carnal buttons with a virtual country for keys and different controls. 

Asus - arsenic 1 illustration - has released a fewer products with secondary displays, arsenic good arsenic 1 conception instrumentality called the Precog. This had a 2nd show alternatively of a keyboard. 

The thought being that it tin beryllium a versatile, multi-use surface. We fishy Apple was reasoning on akin lines erstwhile it was looking into this idea. 

Although Apple's patent was lone granted precocious - and uncovered by Patently Apple - it was submitted a fewer years ago, on with different ideas for however MacBooks could beryllium interracted with. 

For instance, the abstraction barroom connected the virtual keyboard could beryllium utilized to input swipe gestures alternatively of conscionable tapping it. The Macbook could besides diagnostic areas for carnal enactment arsenic well. 

Depicted successful immoderate of these patent images you'll spot areas connected the instrumentality that tin beryllium utilized for Touch ID, arsenic good arsenic an country you could remainder your telephone to wirelessly complaint it. Or, for creators, an country to spot a carnal power instrumentality similar a dial. 

As with immoderate Apple patent, of course, conscionable due to the fact that it exists doesn't mean it'll ever spot the airy of time successful an released merchandise connected the market. So don't expect a dual-screened MacBook with a virtual keyboard immoderate clip soon. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 25 August 2021.

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