Why Del Taco had to reconfigure their kitchen design for their newest menu items

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Del Taco’s cheesy caller paper items person been 3 years successful the making.

The edifice concatenation calls them Stuffed Quesadilla Tacos, and they spell connected the paper Thursday, Aug. 26.

The thought is to load a quesadilla with taco fillings, according to Chief Marketing Officer Tim Hackbardt.

“Basically, your taco ammunition is present a quesadilla,” helium said astatine Del Taco’s office successful Lake Forest. “It’s 1 of those unsocial things that’s not casual to do.”

There are 3 kinds: grilled chicken, $1.99; crispy chicken, $2.29; and carne asada, $2.99.

The proteins, on with herb and lettuce, are grilled betwixt 2 flour tortillas with queso blanco and shredded cheddar cheese. Diners tin adhd caller guacamole for an other charge.

“It’s a full caller spirit happening that cipher other is doing,” Hackbardt said of the usage of food condiment successful a quesadilla.

Figuring retired however to usage queso blanco was 1 of the challenges that kept these items successful improvement for years, according to Hackbardt. But the queso blanco provided a partial solution to different challenge, however to marque the items accelerated capable to service successful drive-thrus. The blistery food condiment is utilized to commencement melting the cheddar.

Del Taco had to proviso its 600 restaurants with further quesadilla presses to support up with the anticipated request for Stuffed Quesadilla Tacos, helium said.

He expects the conception to beryllium a imperishable paper addition.

Del Taco is besides offering 3 caller beverages for autumn: A caramel pome shake, a dulce de leche shingle and caramel iced coffee.

Information: deltaco.com

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