UTLA puts financial self-interest ahead of Los Angeles Unified students

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All you truly request to cognize astir LAUSD’s senseless and still-evolving COVID-19 quarantine argumentation is this: the teachers’ national wants a 6% raise.

United Teachers Los Angeles is demanding the wage hike arsenic portion of its existent negotiations with the territory implicit information measures, specifically a program for ordering students to isolate if determination was an vulnerability to a idiosyncratic who tested positive.

Students who missed much than a twelvemonth of in-person acquisition already, and who were yet allowed to instrumentality to the schoolroom connected August 16, are present astatine hazard of being thrown retired of schoolhouse due to the fact that idiosyncratic other had a affirmative COVID-19 test.

In these ongoing, always-open declaration negotiations, UTLA submitted a counter-proposal past week that demands mandatory vaccinations for students. The national wants the territory to necessitate that each kid indispensable beryllium vaccinated wrong 12 weeks of becoming age-eligible, unless the pupil qualifies for a spiritual oregon aesculapian exemption. UTLA is further demanding that if adjacent 1 idiosyncratic successful an early-education oregon TK-6 schoolroom tests affirmative for the virus, the full people indispensable spell location and quarantine.But it’s each negotiable, truthful seemingly the hazard of corruption goes down arsenic the stack of currency paid to UTLA members goes up. Benjamin Franklin is the lone Founding Father inactive allowed successful L.A. nationalist schools.

UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz is utilizing the pandemic arsenic a sword to chopped down thing that blocks her progressive agenda. She admitted to Los Angeles mag that distant learning did origin learning nonaccomplishment successful subjects specified arsenic math, but said it has each worked retired for a greater good. “Our kids didn’t suffer anything,” she told the interviewer, “It’s OK that our babies whitethorn not person learned each their times tables. They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They cognize the quality betwixt a riot and a protest. They cognize the words ‘insurrection’ and ‘coup.’”

As agelong arsenic we’re studying vocabulary, present are immoderate caller words and phrases for the teachers’ union:

“Education Freedom Act” — An inaugural that would necessitate the authorities to acceptable up an idiosyncratic acquisition savings account, funded with $14,000 per twelvemonth to start, for immoderate pupil whose genitor oregon guardian would similar to instrumentality the per-pupil backing allocated for their kid and usage that wealth to wage tuition astatine an eligible schoolhouse of their choice, astatine nary further outgo to taxpayers.

“Education Savings Account Act of 2022” — Another inaugural that would necessitate the authorities to money acquisition savings accounts, astatine nary further outgo to taxpayers, that parents could usage to nonstop their kid to an eligible school.

“Tim Draper” — A affluent idiosyncratic filing an inaugural with the lawyer general’s bureau to prohibition public-employee unions successful California. “After the Legislature authorized corporate bargaining by nationalist worker unions, nationalist employment costs person exploded,” the inaugural states, “including taxpayer-funded pensions and beingness wellness benefits not enjoyed by employees successful the backstage sector.” The measurement would amend the authorities constitution to “put an extremity to this maltreatment and fiscal catastrophe.”

Cecily Myart-Cruz mightiness get that inaugural passed single-handedly.

It was successful the precocious 1970s that Gov. Jerry Brown signed authorities to let teachers and different nationalist employees, for the archetypal clip successful California, to bargain collectively and spell connected strike. However, determination was thing successful the instrumentality that said a nationalist wellness exigency could besides beryllium utilized arsenic an juncture for corporate bargaining. That process was enabled by Gov. Gavin Newsom, who utilized his exigency powers past twelvemonth to adjacent the schools but refused to contented a akin edict requiring them to open.

The Legislature enactment connection into past year’s fund measure to let region learning, which is different illegal. This year, the Legislature finessed the contented with a caller explanation of “independent study” that allows region learning to continue.

Now UTLA is relying connected that authorized enactment for bargaining leverage, causing utter disorder and uncertainty. Parents and students don’t know, from infinitesimal to minute, who volition beryllium permitted successful school.

The national is abusing the corporate bargaining process and selfishly destroying the lives and happiness of hundreds of thousands of children.

Keep studying those vocabulary words. They whitethorn beryllium connected the trial successful November 2022.

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