Upcoming PC games: The best new games to look forward to in 2021 and beyond

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(Pocket-lint) - There are plentifulness of unthinkable games coming to PC this twelvemonth and beyond. From upcoming triple-A games to highly hyped gems, there's plentifulness to look guardant to, immoderate your gaming passion.

Whatever your level of prime - Steam, Epic, Uplay oregon Origin, determination are loads of caller PC games to adhd to your wishlist arsenic well. These caller games see bleeding-edge titles with ray tracing capabilities, arsenic good arsenic updates to your favourite RPGs, shooters and co-op masterpieces. 

We've hand-picked immoderate of the best, including trailers for you to bask - truthful hole your wallet and your wishlist.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt

Hope mightiness beryllium mislaid for Vampire The Masquerade: The Bloodlines 2, but that doesn't mean we won't get immoderate thrills successful the Vampire The Masquerade beingness this year. Blood Hunt is simply a free-to-play conflict royale with customisable bloodsuckers, supernatural powers and more. 


Deathloop is simply a first-person enactment crippled from the aforesaid squad down Dishonored and Prey. 

Deathloop transports players to the lawless land of Blackreef successful an eternal conflict betwixt 2 bonzer assassins. You'll beryllium hunting down targets each implicit the land portion trying to evade death. Find retired much astir Deathloop and everything we cognize truthful acold here.  


Gamedec is acceptable to beryllium an intriguing cyberpunk RPG. Playing this 1 you'll beryllium successful the shoes of a backstage detective whose occupation it is to lick crimes wrong virtual worlds. A crippled wrong a game?

The developers accidental the crippled volition accommodate to your choices arsenic you play. There is besides nary azygous solution to immoderate situation, truthful plentifulness of prime connected ways to play. 

New World

An intriguing and beauteous MMO from Amazon Games that volition acceptable players disconnected against the dangers of a mystical land, warriors from different eras and different players too. New World promises exploration with "beauty, danger, and accidental astatine each turn".

Originally acceptable to motorboat a portion back, New World has been pushed backmost a fewer times and is present acceptable to motorboat successful September. 

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 promises to propulsion players into an "adrenaline-filled, chaotic satellite of a modern-day guerrilla revolution." It's acceptable successful Yara - a fictional paradise that's seemingly frozen successful time, ruled by a harsh dictator who's trying to reconstruct the state to its erstwhile glory. You'll play a gorilla combatant attempting to pain the fascist authorities to the ground. 

Far Cry 6 is said to beryllium the "most expansive" crippled successful the series. But it's besides going to beryllium neat acknowledgment to the quality of Hollywood stars Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad) and Anthony Gonzalez (Coco). 

Back 4 Blood

What would it look similar if the squad down the Left 4 Dead franchise made a caller game, with modern graphics and an awesome four-player co-op? Well, precisely what you'd imagine, with a batch of humor and exploding zombie heads. Left 4 Dead fans rejoice!

The enemy, known arsenic "The Ridden" are precise varied here, with monolithic bosses to woody with alongside your buddies. Now we're getting to spot much of the game, including the committedness of a beta for those who pre-order oregon sign up connected the website that'll instrumentality spot successful August. 

Battlefield 2042


Finally, Battlefield 2042 has been revealed and from the looks of it, it's acceptable to beryllium a monolithic rip-roaring rollercoaster thrust of amusive and utter chaos. The adjacent Battlefield is acceptable successful the adjacent aboriginal with a large struggle betwixt the USA and Russia. Expect futuristic weaponry, servers with 128 players battling it retired and utterly monolithic maps too. 

Age of Empires IV

One of the astir beloved real-time strategy games is making a return. Age of Empires IV promises a affluent humanities mounting with 8 divers civilisations to play with. It besides has 35 missions dispersed implicit 5 centuries of past from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance period. 

Nerf: Legends

  • Release date: October 2021
  • Type: Arena shooter
  • Publisher: GameMill Entertainment

Nerf: Legends is an arena shooter wherever players volition beryllium equipped with each mode of Nerf weaponry based connected the real-world versions of the Nerf guns. It has a single-player run and multiplayer featuring 4 vs 4 team-based combat and combat subordinate escaped for all. 

Forza Horizon 5

The adjacent outing of the Forza Horizon bid is taking to the ungraded tracks of Mexico. The committedness of open-world escapade successful a vibrant and ever-evolving scenery surely sounds appealing. And if the past crippled was thing to spell by, Forza Horizon 5 should beryllium a large woody of fun. 

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 was primitively announced astatine E3 2018, present yet we person immoderate info connected erstwhile it's afloat releasing and a sensation of what's to come. 

A portion backmost we saw a 26-minute gameplay demo to whet our appetites, present there's a trailer showing disconnected much of the story, the parkour and the zombies you'll beryllium facing. Recent updates see immoderate brainsick footage of the assorted monsters you'll person to dodge and the joyful eye-pleasing visuals too.

We can't hold for this one. 

Halo Infinite

Halo The Master Chief Collection is making the determination PC astatine immoderate constituent successful the adjacent future. Now we've besides got the quality that the adjacent instalment of the bid is besides going to beryllium disposable for PC gamers.

Halo Infinite is the adjacent section of the bid which continues connected from the Halo 5: Guardians storyline and promises an ambitious and unexpected absorption for the game, powered by an all-new graphics engine. Halo has ne'er looked truthful good. 

Kingpin: Reloaded

If, similar us, you're aged capable to retrieve 1999's Kingpin: Life of Crime, past you mightiness beryllium pleased to perceive that the arguable crippled is getting a remaster aboriginal this year. This reboot volition add 4K and ultrawide support, arsenic good arsenic rebalanced gameplay, yet keeps the aforesaid classical aesthetic. We're looking guardant to reliving the hazy days. 

Project 007

If you bask Bond, past this is bound to thrill. From the creators of the Hitman bid is coming a James Bond crippled which is said to diagnostic not lone a "...wholly archetypal Bond story" but an root 1 astatine that. Count america in. 

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction is the caller sanction for the crippled antecedently known arsenic Outbreak. 

A mutated alien parasite is infecting radical and threatening mankind. The Rainbow Six squad is connected a ngo to prevention the satellite - battling it retired against the situation and trying to survive unpredictable missions. 

Occupy Mars: The Game

From the aforesaid radical who bought america Thief Simulator, Farm Manager 2018 and the Car Mechanic simulators comes a caller crippled wherever your ngo is to past connected Mars.

This caller crippled is seemingly a highly technical, open-world, sandbox centring astir Mars colonisation. It volition let you to physique and upgrade a basal including everything from increasing plants to learning however to make oxygen and past the harsh climates of Mars. 

Total War: Warhammer III

Sega and Creative Assembly person said that Total War: Warhammer III volition beryllium the biggest yet with warfare connected an unprecedented scale. The 3rd crippled successful the bid is acceptable successful the Realm of Chaos and the Lands of the East with appearances of some daemonic factions and caller quality factions (Kislev and Cathay) arsenic well. Get acceptable to rally your forces sometime successful 2021. 

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is making a instrumentality astatine immoderate constituent successful the aboriginal with a committedness of being "one of the biggest seamless open-worlds to date." - a blend of horror, FPS and atmospheric sim, it's besides said to person an epic communicative with aggregate endings. Awesome stuff. 

The latest gameplay shows a staggeringly beauteous presumption of a horrific world. You'll person implicit 30 weapons astatine your disposal, to woody with each mode of horrifying mutated monsters and there's a multiplayer too. 


Starfield was teased by Bethesda successful June 2018 arsenic the archetypal caller franchise successful 25 years. But that's not the breathtaking part, Starfield is acceptable to beryllium a space-based RPG with plentifulness of glorious amusive successful the depths of space. Beyond that, we don't cognize overmuch different than we're excited. 

The latest quality is that Starfield is improbable to beryllium released successful 2021 and volition beryllium delayed until a aboriginal point. 

Hazel Sky

Hazel Sky was revealed astatine PAX East and shows disconnected an action-adventure crippled wherever you tally astir as Shane, a young technologist who's trying to hole assorted flying machines. Certainly a quaint looking indie game. 

The Outlast Trials

If you played and enjoyed the horrific thrills of Outlast and Outlast 2, past buckle up for more. The Outlast Trials is simply a endurance fearfulness that you tin play unsocial oregon with up to 4 different people. Set during the Cold War successful a spot of distrust, fear, and unit you're thrust into a satellite wherever radical are being subjected to brainwashing and caput control. All sorts of panic ensue. 

The Day Before

The Day Before is pitched arsenic a third-person, open-world, zombie endurance shooter. In a post-pandemic America, wherever you'll beryllium facing disconnected against some flesh-eating infected and different humans who are hopeless to survive. Sound familiar? 

Ready oregon Not

Ready oregon Not is acceptable to enactment you successful the shoes of SWAT officers with a tactical shooter that's designed to springiness you a realistic acquisition of what it's similar to beryllium connected the beforehand enactment of unsafe policing. There's a single-player campaign, PVP multiplayer and more. There's seemingly plentifulness of antithetic ways to play, including non-lethal ones involving legume container shotguns and more. We're looking guardant to getting stuck into this one. 

The Outer Worlds 2

The sequel to the superb space-based RPG The Outer Worlds has been teased. We person nary details connected erstwhile it'll beryllium disposable but we're excited! 

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Love Star Wars? Can't get capable of Lego? How astir a caller crippled that promises the quality to play done each 9 Star Wars films successful a Lego-based escapade game? 

You'll adjacent have the quality to question to immoderate planet, successful immoderate order, astatine immoderate time. We'll beryllium disconnected to sojourn the Wookiees for sure. 

Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes is coming back. This clip with a Mediterranean run wherever you'll beryllium commanding ground, aerial and naval forces too. This caller summation to the bid promises authentic caller gameplay features arsenic good arsenic everything you cognize and emotion from Company of Heroes including skirmishes, a run and multiplayer. New worker animations, enhanced AI, realistic squad reactions and a destructible situation should marque Company of Heroes 3 a joyousness for immoderate instrumentality of the series. 

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is the travel up to 2017's fantastic Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. A intelligence action-adventure with a affluent and acheronian communicative that was fundamentally a dive into insanity via Viking Hell. The archetypal crippled was utterly sublime, truthful we're expecting much of the aforesaid from the sequel. This clip it's an exclusive for PC and Xbox Series X.

Shadow Warrior 3

More demon slashing goodness from the Shadow Warrior series. We've ever been fans of these games. Glorious colourful graphics, tongue-in-cheek humour and plentifulness of pew. Shadow Warrior 3 seems to committedness much of the aforesaid and we can't wait. 

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

The follow-up to 2004's awesome Vampire: The Masquerade - The Bloodlines is coming successful 2021. The erstwhile crippled was an utter RPG masterpiece packed afloat of vampires, acheronian alleyways and affluent characters. The caller crippled is written by the aforesaid originative genius down that game, truthful we're expecting much of the aforesaid here. 

Sadly it's not looking bully for this crippled astatine the infinitesimal aft Paradox Interactive pulled Hardsuit Labs from the improvement and has postponed pre-orders. 

End State

End State is acceptable a to beryllium an absorbing aboriginal entree crippled coming aboriginal this year. It uses turn-based play allowing you to negociate a mercenary institution tracking down terrorists. 

There's the committedness of an open-world acquisition wherever you get to prime and take the missions you play successful a satellite with destructible environments that see slug penetration and more. An absorbing ballistics simulation strategy and force absorption strategy should marque this an absorbing crippled for sure. 


Scorn is an atmospheric fearfulness escapade crippled successful improvement by Ebb Software. It was primitively scheduled to merchandise successful 2018, but is inactive yet to appear. It is inspired by the works of H.R. Giger who was portion of the peculiar effects squad for the movie Alien. The trailer surely shows immoderate horrific visuals and a spine-tingling ambiance that fans of the genre volition love. 

Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade is simply a turn-based tactical RPG, that promises a cinematic rotation connected the genre. This crippled volition besides person a absorption connected in-depth customisation and player-driven stories. It volition beryllium your ngo to pb The Brigade done a hard-fought run to retake their homeland.

Dead Matter

Dead Matter has been successful improvement for a portion present aft appearing connected Kickstarter. This is simply a caller zombie endurance crippled that the developers however volition "properly" equilibrium endurance mechanics with enjoyable gameplay. 

"We purpose to make the archetypal existent zombie endurance crippled with a plan accent placed connected making the crippled consciousness bully to play, promoting engaging emergent gameplay by giving our players the tools they request to survive."

Development is drafting person and the crippled is inactive looking promising. 

System Shock

Nightdive Studios is acceptable to remake and reboot the classical sci-fi escapade System Shock sometime successful the adjacent future. The developers are promising a caller crippled that's existent to the archetypal portion being fixed a refresh with modern visuals and gameplay. 

Fans of the bid volition beryllium pleased to perceive the archetypal dependable histrion is returning too. The archetypal crippled released successful 1994, truthful this reboot is simply a agelong clip coming and should surely beryllium an absorbing one. System Shock 3 is besides being developed, truthful we've got that to look guardant to arsenic well. 

Last Man Sitting

Last Man Sitting is astir apt the astir ridiculous Battle Royale crippled you're ever apt to see. Smartly dressed beryllium successful greenish bureau chairs equipped to the teeth. Shotguns, ragdoll psychics and a slippery level are bound to marque for plentifulness of shenanigans and overmuch hilarity.  

The Elder Scrolls VI

Elder Scrolls fans person been waiting impatiently for a sequel to Skyrim for what mightiness look similar forever. Now we yet person impervious that The Elder Scrolls VI is coming astatine immoderate point, we conscionable don't cognize overmuch beyond that. Exciting times prevarication up though. 

Dead Island 2

  • Release date: TBC
  • Type: Survival fearfulness enactment RPG
  • Publisher: Deep Silver

Dead Island 2 has been thought dormant for a while, but Deep Silver has suggested it is inactive successful the works. We surely would beryllium thrilled to spot a superb 2nd outing for Dead Island. The archetypal was an awesome zombie-slaying escapade that we loved erstwhile we archetypal played it connected PC.

Weapon crafting, a agleam and antithetic land determination and zombies successful bathing costumes, this crippled had it all. The caller trailer doesn't amusement much, but it surely looks similar there's going to beryllium immoderate of the aforesaid hilarity and bully times.  We've heard much rumblings astir Dead Island 2 recently, with suggestions that it's going to beryllium an Epic Store exclusive. 

Ghostwire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo is simply a new action-adventure crippled by Tango Gameworks wherever players volition beryllium acceptable connected a ngo to "fight paranormal enemies and escaped the metropolis of a supernatural evil". 

"After unusual disappearances deed Tokyo’s population, it’s up to you to uncover the root and purge the metropolis of a strange, caller evil. Armed with your ain mysterious spectral abilities, you volition look down the occult, unravel conspiracy theories and acquisition municipality legends similar ne'er before."

We don't cognize overmuch other astir this crippled yet, but it surely looks intriguing. 

Atomic Heart

A quirky, gory and reasonably awesome looking FPS acceptable successful an alternate beingness successful the bosom of the Soviet Union. Players volition instrumentality connected the relation of a peculiar agent who has been sent a highly concealed entity and is desperately trying to analyse what's going on. Weird creatures, robots and a multitude of customisable weapons surely marque this 1 look intriguing if thing else. 

Skull & Bones

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag proved incredibly fashionable and spiked involvement successful pirating based-shenanigans connected the precocious seas. Since then, we've seen Sea of Thieves and the hilarity of Blackwake but Ubisoft's Skull & Bones is making waves successful the build-up to launch. Become the pirate skipper you've ever wanted to beryllium and conflict connected the precocious seas connected your ain oregon with up to 5 different players. Grease the gangplank and acceptable the mainsail, this is surely going to beryllium a glorious grog-swilling romp. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

From the developers of the fantabulous Sherlock Holmes crippled comes an open-world detective escapade wherever you'll play arsenic the young Sherlock Holmes investigating the decease of his mother.

The developers accidental determination volition beryllium "minimal handholding" and you'll beryllium capable to get everyone successful the satellite to assistance with your investigation, adjacent if that's conscionable asking for directions. The caller trailer shows disconnected a spot of combat and much importantly immoderate absorbing disguise mechanics for Sherlock arsenic good arsenic plentifulness of probe paths to support things absorbing too. 


What would you if you recovered yourself shrunk down to a infinitesimal size wherever trees were abruptly the size of skyscrapers and adjacent elemental blades of writer operation overhead? That's the satellite of Smalland and fantastic adventures await including moving from packs of rats, trying to past successful a unusual caller satellite and adjacent riding wasps arsenic mounts.

Smalland promises multiplayer endurance similar nary other, with a fantastic sandbox, hidden quests and NPCs to conscionable and overmuch much besides. Sounds amazing. 

Body of Evidence

Daft and gruesome, Body of Evidence puts you into the shoes of a dormant assemblage disposal expert. Become Winston Wolfe - fell bodies and cleanable up the messiness earlier anyone finds out. A clip bounds and a tongue-in-cheek consciousness of humour should marque this a superb chortle. 

Manor Lord

Manor Lords is an indie medieval strategy crippled with "realistic" metropolis building, battles and the committedness of a afloat gathering state which should beryllium thoroughly enjoyable. 

Everything is medieval too. Youll request oxen to plough the fields, you'll person to herd sheep and combat battles too. Looks similar fun. 

Gotham Knights

Batman is dormant and present it's up to Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin to support Gotham City from the fiends that causing chaos connected the metropolis streets. 

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is pitched arsenic a "visceral" four-player co-op enactment crippled with steadfast amounts of FPS enactment too. Details are bladed but it's being developed by the squad down the fashionable Vermintide truthful should beryllium a blast. 

Taxi Simulator

Ever wondered what the beingness of a Taxi operator mightiness beryllium like? Well, wonderment nary much arsenic you'll soon beryllium capable to instrumentality connected that relation and slog your mode done the ranks. 

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the effect of a collaboration between George R. R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones) and FromSoftware (the squad down Dark Souls). Combine that cognition with the trailer and you get an thought of a brutal and incredibly pugnacious phantasy crippled coming astatine immoderate constituent successful the adjacent fewer years.

We'd ideate this volition beryllium punishing, beauteous and story-rich. The caller trailer surely has a beardown Dark Souls vibe to it, truthful we're expecting immoderate pugnacious but satisfying combat and a glorious communicative too. 

Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbal Space Program is back, with a sequel to the highly thought of space-flight simulation crippled coming immoderate clip successful 2020. If you enjoyed the sandbox amusive of the archetypal game, past you're bound to recovered the caller crippled a blast. There's the committedness of exciting caller parts, colony building, interstellar question and enhanced modding on with breath-taking visuals and a multiplayer strategy too.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming enactment role-playing video game. It is acceptable successful the precocious 1800s successful and establishes itself successful the Wizarding World acceptable by the Harry Potter books. As you'd expect you'll beryllium casting spells, discovering fantastic beasts and mostly wizarding astir the place. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 13 July 2018.

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