Temperatures build across Southern California, as smoke from fires to the north reddens skies

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Meteorologists forecast triple digit temperatures successful immoderate parts of Southern California by Friday, with hazy skies and sunsets with a reddened tint arsenic fume from fires burning to the northbound filters crossed the skies.

Highs of 74 adjacent LAX, 77 successful Long Beach, 79 adjacent John Wayne Airport and 86 successful Riverside connected Monday were each betwixt 3 and 5 degrees cooler than seasonal averages, National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Hall said. Tuesday volition inactive beryllium somewhat colder than mean for this clip of year, but temperatures volition gradually emergence implicit the adjacent respective days.

By Wednesday, coastal regions should spot conditions person to seasonal averages, with highs betwixt the mid 70s and debased 80s. Temperatures successful inland and vale communities successful Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties should scope betwixt the mid 80s to the precocious 90s.

The vigor volition proceed to emergence done the extremity of the enactment week. Triple digit temperatures volition beryllium imaginable crossed the Inland Empire and successful the San Fernando Valley by Thursday and Friday, NWS meteorologist Stefanie Sullivan said. Orange County residents tin expect highs successful the mid 80s to debased 90s by then.

Dry conditions volition travel higher temperatures astatine the extremity of the week, Sullivan said. Relative humidity successful the Inland Empire should hover betwixt 10 and 20 percent.

Hot, parched upwind means determination volition beryllium an elevated hazard of wildfire astatine the extremity of the week, but “nothing adjacent to reddish emblem conditions,” Sullivan said. High winds are not successful the forecast.

Smoke from wildfires raging successful Northern California volition commencement to filter into the skies supra Southern California, bringing a haze and perchance reddish hue to the ambiance this week, Sullivan said. That whitethorn bring aerial prime down to unhealthy levels successful the upland regions of the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire opening Monday, according to a bulletin from the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

The warming inclination ends Friday. Temperatures should statesman to chill connected Saturday.

Forecasted precocious temperatures for Thursday:

Dana Point: 78°Fullerton: 93°Long Beach: 83°Los Angeles, downtown: 89°San Fernando Valley: 98°San Bernardino: 100°Torrance: 82°Redlands: 100°Riverside: 99°Whittier: 93°Source: National Weather Service

SPECIAL AIR QUALITY ADVISORY: winds are expected to bring fume from Northern and Central California wildfires into portions of the South Coast Air Basin and the Coachella Valley: https://t.co/Y158OoPtBX pic.twitter.com/KiA6Sc6nDk

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