Sarah Paulson addresses criticism over portrayal of Linda Tripp in 'fat suit' in 'Impeachment'

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(CNN)Sarah Paulson says she has regrets astir wearing padding to portray Linda Tripp successful "Impeachment: American Crime Story."

The histrion told The Los Angeles Times that she wonders if she should person said nary to the portion aft facing backlash for the padding.

"It's precise hard for maine to speech astir this without feeling similar I'm making excuses," Paulson told the publication. "There's a batch of contention astir actors and abdominous suits, and I deliberation that contention is simply a morganatic one. I deliberation abdominous phobia is real. I deliberation to unreal different causes further harm," Paulson continued. "And it is simply a precise important speech to beryllium had."

    Paulson, who besides gained 30 pounds for the relation and serves arsenic an enforcement shaper connected "Impeachment," said that playing Tripp was the "challenge of a lifetime," and that she'd similar to judge she was close for the part.

      "But that full work I don't deliberation falls connected the histrion for choosing to bash thing that is arguably -- and I'm talking astir from the wrong retired -- the situation of a lifetime," Paulson added. "I bash deliberation to ideate that the lone happening immoderate histrion called upon to play this portion would person to connection is their carnal aforesaid is simply a existent simplification of the offering the histrion has to make. I would similar to judge that determination is thing successful my being that makes maine close to play this part. And that the magic of hairsbreadth and constitution departments and costumers and cinematographers that has been portion of moviemaking, and suspension of belief, since the invention of cinema. Was I expected to accidental nary [to the part]? This is the question."

      Paulson is unrecognizable successful prosthetics arsenic Tripp, whose concealed recordings of her telephone calls with Monica Lewinsky (played by Beanie Feldstein successful the constricted series) publically exposed the erstwhile intern's narration with past President Bill Clinton (played by Clive Owen).

      Tripp died successful 2020 of pancreatic cancer.

        Of taking the role, Paulson added, "I deliberation the happening I deliberation astir the astir is that I regret not reasoning astir it much fully."

        "You tin lone larn what you larn erstwhile you larn it," she said. "Should I person known? Abso-f—ing-lutely. But I bash now. And I wouldn't marque the aforesaid prime going forward."

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