Recall ends, but Newsom faces decisions

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California’s governmental quality this summertime understandably has focused connected the now-concluded gubernatorial callback election, but that sideshow has led to insufficient attraction connected immoderate of the large bills that person moved ahead. This session, much than 800 bills are connected Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk, which is simply a smaller fig than usual.

The Legislature has passed its accustomed mishmash of nanny authorities meddling, biology virtuousness signaling and union-backed priorities, but it besides passed a astonishing fig of sensible bills. In the second category, Newsom has a accidental to o.k. a bundle of police-accountability measures that could bring California successful enactment with the champion practices successful different states.For instance, California is 1 of lone 4 states that doesn’t person a process for decertifying abusive and misbehaving constabulary officers. When officers person engaged successful misconduct, they mightiness get fired — but past they often get a caller occupation astatine different law-enforcement department.

Senate Bill 2 “grants caller powers to the Commission connected Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to analyse and find bid serviceman fittingness and to decertify officers who prosecute successful “serious misconduct,” arsenic the Senate investigation explains.The politician besides is considering Senate Bill 16, which subjects much constabulary disciplinary records to disclosure nether the California Public Records Act. Police agencies often defy disclosure, but this measure mandates that “all records maintained by section and authorities governmental agencies are unfastened to nationalist inspection unless specifically exempt.” We impulse him to motion some of those bills.Senate Bill 98 makes “it wide that reporters whitethorn entree areas unopen disconnected by constabulary for a bid station oregon akin during a protest, march, rally, etc.” This besides deserves a signature, arsenic does Assembly Bill 48 limiting constabulary usage of “rubber” bullets astatine protests.In the land-use area, Senate Bills 9 and 10 code the state’s lodging situation by granting spot owners much latitude to physique further units. SB 9 provides homeowners with the “by right” support to subdivide their batch and physique a duplex. SB 10 allows localities to rezone parcels on transit lines for multi-family developments.

We spot these bills arsenic an advancement for spot rights, and admit that they rein successful California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and beforehand lodging operation done deregulation alternatively than subsidies. The politician should motion some bills, though helium is facing pushback from cities and slow-growthers.

The remainder of the quality is mostly bad. Assembly Bill 701 would bounds warehouses from applying productivity quotas to their workers, but it volition effect successful shipping delays, higher prices and could pursuit distant severely needed blue-collar jobs. Senate Bill 62, which forbids piece-rate compensation successful the garment industry, volition likewise harm employment opportunities by incentivizing “wage theft” lawsuits.

Assembly Bill 1084 “requires a retail section store with 500 oregon much employees that sells childcare items oregon toys to support a sex neutral conception oregon area.” Stores are perfectly susceptible of coming up with their ain merchandising arrangements, and parents are good suited to assistance their kids benignant done immoderate gender-related choices.Unfortunately, the Legislature didn’t walk capable clip grappling with the state’s large crises — raging wildfires, insufficient h2o supplies and increasing transgression problems. There’s ever adjacent year, we suppose. The politician has until October 10 to marque his decisions connected this year’s remaining measures.

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