Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello seeking help to get female guitar students out of Afghanistan

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(CNN)Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is pleading for assistance to bring a radical of young pistillate guitarists successful hiding in Afghanistan to safety.

Morello wrote an unfastened missive aft the Taliban takeover of Kabul, which was sent to Billboard by erstwhile House of Lords set subordinate and guitar teacher Lanny Cordola, who runs a programme helium started successful Kabul successful 2015 called Girl With a Guitar.

"I'm penning connected behalf of immoderate precise peculiar girls successful Afghanistan who are successful sedate danger," Morello wrote. "[Girl With a Guitar] takes successful thoroughfare orphans and different girls that person endured important trauma and uses euphony arsenic a rehabilitation instrumentality and means of moving done their problems, their histories, and their hopes. I've had the grant of collaborating with these fantastic kids. Since the Taliban takeover their schoolhouse has been destroyed and the girls are successful hiding. They are astatine utmost hazard due to the fact that they are wide known to person performed Western euphony and person been educated by a antheral American teacher. Anything you could bash to assistance prevention their lives would beryllium overmuch appreciated."

    Hundreds of students person recorded remotely with Brian Wilson, Sammy Hagar, Nick Cave and Blake Shelton and different musicians done the program.

      The schoolhouse has closed and the girls are present successful hiding, according to Billboard.

      Cordola is successful Pakistan, the study states, trying to bring 12 Afghan students, their families and his operator to safety.

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