Philips Hue debuts new bulbs and Spotify integration for easier music syncing

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(Pocket-lint) - Philips Hue, via its genitor Signify, has unveiled the large additions to its lineup for this Autumn alongside a fewer invited changes to its apps and services, arsenic portion of what would usually beryllium an IFA event.

The biggest alteration for existing Hue users, provided they've got a Hue Bridge and aren't conscionable utilizing Bluetooth connections to power their lights, is simply a caller concern with Spotify. This'll fto you acceptable up casual airy syncing betwixt your astute location and your music.

In the archetypal instance, the caller integration volition enactment contiguous for Philips Hue app 4 users, earlier it becomes wide disposable to each successful October, and it makes a antecedently fiddly process ace easy, giving you large pulses of temper lighting if you've got a peculiarly wide scope of bulbs - though it'll lone enactment with colour bulbs, not achromatic ambience models.

Another bundle update makes your customized scenes a small much awesome by adding dynamism to them, letting lighting transitioning automatically crossed agelong periods of clip - cleanable for adjusting during a moving day, and easier to acceptable up than a customized routine.

There are besides a big of caller lighting products, too, including a caller Philips Hue Play gradient airy conduit designed to beryllium supra oregon beneath your TV for synced-up lighting connected the partition down it, and all-new revisions of the fashionable filament bulb options that present diagnostic achromatic ambience modes to fto you take the strength and code of their light.

For each of its achromatic and achromatic ambience bulbs, successful fact, caller 1100 and 1600-lumen options person been added to fto you get brighter lights if you request them, again widening their imaginable usefulness.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 1 September 2021.

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