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Long Beach

Recall greatness

Dear Editor,

Now that we are receiving our Gubernatorial Recall ballots, we truly should instrumentality intermission and bespeak however acold California has changed successful caller years.

Before you vote, delight instrumentality a infinitesimal to callback the crushed you take to unrecorded and determination to California successful the archetypal place. California was and inactive tin beryllium not lone the champion authorities successful the United States to unrecorded in,  but the champion spot to unrecorded successful anywhere. We truly bash person it all, but we conscionable request the close radical successful charge.

Let america ballot for leaders who stock successful our values and who volition bring america backmost to the California arsenic it should be.

The shot is successful our court.  Let’s nonstop a connection that volition marque a quality successful California.

Recall California greatness.

Jeffery Pete

Long Beach

Sad duck pond

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your caller nonfiction astir the worsening conditions astatine the El Dorado Park Duck Pond. I americium 1 of galore residents who person enjoyed the Duck Pond implicit the years and person go progressively saddened and dismayed astir the neglect there.

We taxpaying citizens person been told repeatedly implicit the years that the Duck Pond would beryllium renovated, and past for assorted reasons (excuses?) it doesn’t happen. The astir distressing and depressing facet is that determination are galore wildlife that reside astatine the pond and cannot permission (many home ducks and geese for example, person been dumped determination and simply cannot alert away).

With the caller nonaccomplishment of the main h2o pump, the h2o conditions person lone worsened and contributed to and/or caused the decease of fish, turtles, ducks, and the beauteous swan. Factoring successful the amerciable fishing, trash dumping, and deficiency of parkland rangers (I person ne'er seen a parkland ranger astatine the Duck Pond — the LBPD volition respond erstwhile contacted), this is simply a concern worsening by the day.

When I sojourn parks successful different cities, I spot covered trash cans, cleanable h2o and communal areas, and blessed radical enjoying them. I cannot for the beingness of maine recognize wherefore our Long Beach parkland areas are truthful precise neglected.

Linda Slauson

Long Beach

Lawless streets

Dear Editor,

I read, with interest, Coach Newell’s missive successful the Aug. 19 paper.  It caught my attraction due to the fact that galore of the complaints helium has are ones that I tin echo.

As I was walking on Second Street this afternoon, a antheral riding a motorized scooter connected the nationalist sidewalk passed me. On his way, I made oculus interaction with him and said “you’re not allowed to thrust connected the sidewalk.” He responded “alright” past carried connected uninterrupted.

I turned and saw him moving consecutive up onto the adjacent block. When helium passed me, we were successful beforehand of Open Sesame, which, since they person a parklet, means helium was riding close done their restaurant. I person gotten bushed of pointing retired the posted signs to radical connected skate boards, bikes and scooters. These are not each children. Most are adults. Some person told maine that they are supra the law.

A constabulary beingness on Second Street would surely beryllium adjuvant successful keeping the sidewalks harmless by enforcing the law.

In the aboriginal greeting hours of Aug. 4, thieves chopped the tailpipe of our car successful bid to bargain the Catalytic Converter. Something indispensable person spooked them since they did not implicit the job. We towed the car to a store and had it welded backmost together. I called the constabulary non-emergency fig to study it and the pistillate said that’s been happening a batch lately. I told her I was calling, arsenic I’d been told to during our vicinity ticker meetings, to telephone erstwhile amerciable oregon suspicious enactment happened, but she was not funny successful a taking a report.

Several nights later, a neighbor’s car crossed the thoroughfare had his Catalytic Converter stolen. For those of you who haven’t heard, this is simply a large concern astatine the moment.

The metals successful the converters are invaluable and becoming much truthful since Covid has created proviso concatenation issues, truthful the car companies are having trouble obtaining parts with caller material.  The constabulary cognize astir this but don’t attraction to instrumentality a study of this activity.  I don’t get it.

Remember Officer Waxworks? He utilized to parkland astir the vicinity and intimidate people. That couldn’t person been precise costly.

Apparently we are going to trim the velocity limits successful the neighborhood. What’s the point?  The existent velocity limits are not being enforced.

We person not defunded our constabulary force. Where are they?

Barbara Paul

Belmont Shore

Keep constabulary strong

Dear Editor,

I thoroughly hold with writer Carolyn Valliere connected the congrats to the metropolis for lasting beardown connected the constabulary budget. We successful Long Beach don’t privation a “Chicago” transgression ridden metropolis here.

We person each seen what defunding constabulary has done to a fig of cities crossed the country. The criminals successful those cities wanted the constabulary defunded simply truthful they tin spell retired and victimize guiltless radical without the absorption of the police.

As one person said successful a anterior article, I’m African-American and successful my presumption we person the champion and astir susceptible constabulary section successful the country. I marque a constituent to accidental hullo and question to our constabulary officers each time to amusement that I admit them being here.

Mark A. Mcglothern

Long Beach

Horrible story

Dear Editor,

The nonfiction connected Jay McManus is horrible. Considering the information helium was found, stripped of his clothing, shoes and 1 sock, is evident that the antheral was beaten and robbed.

To maine this is simply a crime, I don’t attraction what the police say, besides it doesn’t look close saying helium was seen leaving a bar, helium near Ave 3, a household pizza restaurant.

I americium incensed for the household and for the neighborhood. This antheral is warring for his beingness and if the country is not alerted to the facts, idiosyncratic other could beryllium a victim.

This is conscionable my ain thoughts, though different radical person besides expressed the aforesaid thought connected the mode the nonfiction was written.

It would beryllium large if a caller nonfiction was for the family.

Marilyn Lupold

Los Altos

Not lodging solution

Dear Editor,

I beg to disagree with the writer who claims that SB 9 and SB 10 are the reply to our lodging woes. The explanation of insanity is doing the aforesaid happening repeatedly and expecting antithetic results.

Destroying beautiful, long-established neighborhoods with unbridled cracker-box density, parking wars, accrued traffic, reduced trees and different greenery, diminished aerial quality, and infrastructure overload is not the astute mode to code inequity. We’ve been there; done that. The 1980s witnessed that benignant of overbuilding, and those areas inactive endure from it to this day. They are plagued with much crime, graffiti, trash, and impacted parking than the much community-oriented neighborhoods.

There are already laws connected the books that let for up to 3 units connected a lot. Placing up to 10 market-rate units successful established household neighborhoods is conscionable plain insanity. It is the hyper density, cracker-box flat buildings

and deficiency of amenities that make the problems, not race.

As a full we request to enactment a large woody much of our energies and resources into the areas that request it most.  Housing providers indispensable support a pridefulness of ownership and renters should instrumentality much involvement successful their homes and communities. It whitethorn not lick each of the problems, but it is simply a bully start.

Home ownership is simply a cardinal stabilizer of cities and neighborhoods, giving residents a semipermanent involvement successful their communities. These bills person nary provisions for affordable lodging oregon parking. Opposition of citizens to these 2 bills tally successful the 70% range.

SB 9 & SB 10 are not the reply to our affordable-housing concerns.

Fred Sparrevohn

Long Beach

Dubious concepts

Dear Editor,

Without prejudice, favour oregon bias toward immoderate governmental structure, determination needs to beryllium a enactment drawn that tin amusement that communal sense, decency and good organized enactment and governance tin efficaciously succeed.

This discerning enactment would marque a mockery of fig of repeating headlines that are by their precise beingness dubious and afloat of misinterpretation.

Defund the Police. To defund the signifier of instrumentality and order?

Sanctuary Cities. A spot wherever discrepancies walk unhindered.

BLM. Of people Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter.

The Earth has 9 years to avert the worst consequences of clime crisis. Riddled with misinterpretation. Why not acceptable a moving people day of 8 1/2 years oregon possibly 7 oregon 11 years — oregon nary day astatine all?

Chris Pluck

Long Beach

How to ballot yes

Dear Editor,

If you program connected voting “Yes” to callback Newsom, delight enactment the spread successful the instrumentality envelope (left of the address). if you enactment your ballot successful it with leafage 1 facing out, question 1 lines up with the hole, and it shows however you voted, truthful delight crook your ballot astir truthful it’s not viewable. Please pass everyone you know. Better yet, ballot successful idiosyncratic but constitute “Voted In Person” connected each mail-in ballot leafage earlier you surrender it.

There is not voting wherever you typically vote. To find wherever you tin ballot successful person, spell to locator.lavote.net and enactment successful your address.

Contact your typical and archer them nary connected the “For the People” measure which is simply a authorities takeover of your predetermination (read the full Bill) and nary connected the trillion dollar-infrastructure measure (which minimally pays for infrastructure and includes a batch of “Green New Deal” plans).

Debbie Baumel

Long Beach

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