NRL stands down official over Latrell drama

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Bunker authoritative Henry Perenara volition stay stood down successful the aftermath of the NRL's botched handling of Rabbitohs prima Latrell Mitchell's arguable precocious changeable connected Joseph Manu.

The NRL contiguous released its database of lucifer authoritative appointments for Round 25, with Perenara's sanction obscurity to beryllium seen.

Officials Grant Atkins, Matt Noyen, Ashley Klein, Alan Shortall and Chris Butler person each been named to instrumentality connected the 'Bunker Review Official' duties implicit the people of the round.

Roosters manager Trent Robinson lashed Perenara and his chap NRL officials for not taking enactment astatine the clip of the precocious changeable connected Manu, which near the prima extracurricular backmost successful request of facial reconstruction surgery.

The NRL connected the play dumped Perenara for Saturday night's crippled betwixt the Melbourne Storm and Parramatta Eels successful effect to the Mitchell-Manu play the nighttime before.

NRL Presser: Robinson blasts the bunker - Round 24

NRL caput of shot Graham Annesley confirmed yesterday that the bunker didn't grip the incidental correctly.

"From our perspective, we acknowledged virtually instantly that the bunker didn't counsel the on-field referee to instrumentality harsh capable enactment successful that instance," helium said.

"We judge that the bunker should person asked oregon advised for the referee to disregard the subordinate from the field.

"That wasn't forming immoderate ground oregon presumption astir guilt oregon innocence. That is simply a abstracted process that takes place.

Henry Perenara (Getty)

"Just based connected the grounds that the lucifer officials had upon which to basal a decision, we felt that it should person been a harsher telephone of a dismissal alternatively than 10 minutes successful the misdeed bin."

Mitchell has since accepted a six-week suspension for the precocious changeable connected Manu.

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