Nature Strip takes out $15 million Everest

1 month ago 18
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Nature Strip has taken retired the $15 cardinal Everest, holding disconnected a fast-finishing Masked Crusader and Eduardo.

The Chris Waller-trained equine looked to beryllium a comfy victor with 400 metres to spell earlier Masked Crusader threatened to bargain the contention successful the dying moments.

With title jockey James McDonald successful the saddle, the triumph was McDonald and Waller's 250th unneurotic moving arsenic jockey and trainer.

Waller was flooded with emotion aft the win, warring backmost tears arsenic helium spoke moments aft the thrilling finish.

"It's conscionable a large contention that's captured the imaginativeness of truthful galore people," helium told Seven.

"What amended mode to get retired of COVID. I could consciousness it. [The preparation] was a small spot different, obviously, but erstwhile helium crossed the enactment it surely deed home. He conscionable didn't panic really."


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