Market highlights December 24: Crypto’s Santa rally

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The crypto marketplace is booming connected December 24 arsenic Christmas Eve approaches. This led analysts to coin the word “Santa rally”.

Top cryptos

Bitcoin and Solana are starring the mode successful the apical 5. Both gained astir 6% today. Binance Coin is up astir 4%. Outside the apical five, Cardano is yet starting to reverse extended losses. It is up conscionable implicit 8% astatine the clip of writing.  

Terra continues its chaotic ride, down 13% yesterday, but up 15% some contiguous and the time earlier yesterday.’s coin CRO has besides gained 15%, recovering from caller losses.

Top movers

Dogelon Mars, a dog-themed meme coin with a sanction alluding to Elon Musk, Dogecoin, and Mars, entered the apical 100 aft gaining 38% this morning.

After NFT gaming ecosystem level Sandbox raised $93 cardinal successful an concern round, the Sandbox (SAND) token terms deed an all-time precocious of $3.45 connected November 3. Then, it gained different 150%, reaching a highest of $8.51 astir a period ago. It is presently trading for $6.26 and added 21% to its worth today.

The unrecorded Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) terms contiguous is $28. Internet Computer is up astir 19% successful the past 24 hours. It is surging connected quality that a caller cross-chain span betwixt Ethereum and Internet Computer would marque it imaginable to enactment autochthonal ERC20 tokens connected the ICP network. 

Arweave, a decentralized storage network that seeks to connection a level for the indefinite retention of data, is up 17% today. The web is simply a self-described "collectively owned hard thrust that ne'er forgets."

Decentraland is yet different apical 100 metaverse token to statesman recovering from caller losses. It has gained 15% today. Fantom is besides up 15%. Enjin Coin, different metaverse token, has gained 11%.  

Dash, an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency focused connected offering a fast, inexpensive planetary payments network, seeks to amended upon Bitcoin by expanding privateness and transaction speed. It has gained 14% today.

Following a rebrand to eCash (XEC), Bitcoin Cash ABC gained astir 13%. It besides redenominated to a 1:1000000 ratio.

The unrecorded Gala terms contiguous is $0.51 with a 24-hour trading measurement of conscionable implicit $1 billion. The gaming token is up 11.50% successful the past 24 hours. 

Other apical 100 winners see Holo, IoTeX, SushiSwap, and WAX, which added worth of 10%, 12%, 13%, and 12% respectively.


PAPPAY is simply a cryptocurrency that tin beryllium utilized for integer purchases and online payments. The outgo instrumentality besides provides holders with passive income. It’s easy 1 of today’s biggest winners, having added 242% to its value.

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