Lawyers for Angels, federal government argue over documents in Eric Kay case

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Attorneys for the national authorities and the Angels person engaged successful a ineligible squabble this week implicit what accusation the nine is required to supply arsenic portion of the transgression lawsuit against erstwhile Angels nationalist relations worker Eric Kay.

Kay is acceptable to person a proceedings successful October connected charges that helium sold and distributed drugs that led to decease and superior bodily injury. Former Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died successful July 2019 aft ingesting a premix of oxycodone, fentanyl and alcohol.

The United States Attorney’s bureau successful the Northern District of Texas filed a little connected Monday asking the tribunal to enforce the government’s petition for documents.

On Tuesday the Angels’ attorneys replied successful a little that the nine “has made each effort to cooperate with the government’s probe into the decease of” Skaggs.

The discrepancy seemingly stems from the differing views from the authorities and the Angels astir which documents are protected nether attorney-client privilege.

The authorities has besides requested the Angels supply accusation connected their interaction with the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s bureau regarding Skaggs’ death.

Besides the transgression proceedings against Kay, the household of Skaggs has filed a brace of wrongful decease suits against the Angels, Kay and erstwhile vice president successful complaint of communications Tim Mead.

The household claims that the nine was alert that Kay was supplying drugs to Skaggs. The squad has denied its executives had immoderate specified knowledge.

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