LA County COVID-19 hospitalizations drop again, but 30 more deaths reported

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The fig of radical hospitalized successful Los Angeles County with COVID-19 dropped again connected Friday, Aug. 27, continuing a astir weeklong downward trend, but different 30 deaths from the microorganism were confirmed.

According to authorities figures, determination were 1,708 COVID-positive patients successful Los Angeles County hospitals arsenic of Friday, down from 1,723 connected Thursday. There were 451 radical successful intensive care, the aforesaid fig arsenic Thursday.

The 30 caller fatalities lifted the county’s wide decease toll from COVID-19 to 25,211. Health officials reported different 2,789 cases, giving the region a cumulative full from passim the pandemic of 1,397,236.

The rolling regular complaint of radical investigating affirmative for the microorganism was 2.7%, astir the aforesaid arsenic Thursday but beneath the complaint of 3.7% a week ago. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer connected Thursday attributed the driblet to increases successful routing screening tests, “which arsenic you cognize chiefly occurs among radical who person nary symptoms.”

Ferrer besides noted that mean regular deaths person accrued by 6% implicit the past week, reaching a seven-day regular mean of 18 per day. She said Friday unvaccinated radical are seeing the brunt of the deaths.

“This microorganism continues to origin serious, life-threatening unwellness among galore who are infected and the differences successful decease rates betwixt unvaccinated and vaccinated radical are stark,” Ferrer said successful a statement. “Unvaccinated adults ages 18 to 49 person a decease complaint of astir 2 deaths per 100,000 people, compared with astir nary deaths among vaccinated members of this property group. Meanwhile, adults implicit 50 who are unvaccinated were 28 times much apt to dice arsenic a effect of COVID-19 than those implicit 50 who are vaccinated.”

County officials person been reporting flimsy increases successful cases among residents and unit astatine skilled nursing facilities implicit the past month, contempt the comparatively precocious vaccination rates successful specified facilities. Officials attributed the increases to the highly transmissible Delta variant of COVID-19, which is blamed for the bulk of existent infections crossed the country.

According to the region Department of Public Health, 102 COVID cases were confirmed successful skilled nursing facilities during the week ending Aug. 15 —25 among residents and 77 among unit — on with 3 nonmigratory deaths. Over the erstwhile 4 weeks, an mean of 79 caller cases were reported astatine nursing facilities.

The region has begun administering 3rd doses of COVID vaccines for “immunocompromised” residents astatine nursing facilities. So far, astir 150 specified shots person been administered.

“Vaccinations are what make a almighty furniture of extortion for nursing location residents — and this extortion has constricted the devastation of Delta for immoderate of our astir susceptible residents,” Ferrer said.

According to Ferrer, 74% of eligible L.A. County residents property 12 and up person received astatine slightest 1 dose of vaccine, and 64% are afloat vaccinated. Of the county’s wide colonisation of astir 10.3 cardinal radical — including those nether property 12 who aren’t eligible for the shots — 63% person received astatine slightest 1 dose, and 55% are afloat vaccinated.

Again highlighting the effectiveness of the vaccines, Ferrer noted that among 5.2 cardinal residents who were afloat vaccinated arsenic of Tuesday, 32,678 tested affirmative for the virus, for a complaint of 0.63%. Only 881 afloat vaccinated radical person been hospitalized, for a complaint of 0.017%, and 95 person died, for a 0.0018% rate.

Ferrer noted that unvaccinated Black residents proceed to person the highest complaint of caller COVID infections, but that colonisation saw a 28% diminution successful the corruption complaint implicit the past 2 weeks.

“We are concerned, however, by the continued emergence successful the lawsuit complaint among unvaccinated Latinx residents who person seen their cases summation by 200% implicit the past month.

Ferrer besides presented lawsuit statistic involving schools, calling the results “somewhat sobering.”

She said that during the week of Aug. 16-22, 3,186 caller cases were confirmed successful schools, with the highest percent involving Los Angeles Unified School District campuses, wherever play investigating is required.

During the period of August, 14 schoolhouse “outbreaks” person been confirmed, involving 3 oregon much linked infections, with Ferrer noting that fractional of them were associated with younker sports.

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