It has taken a village of pitchers to get Dodgers through season

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LOS ANGELES — Gun to his head, Andrew Friedman couldn’t sanction them all.

“Probably not,” admitted the Dodgers president of shot operations, who has overseen the usage of a franchise-record 37 pitchers this season.

“(I could name) decidedly into the 30s. I conjecture with a pen and insubstantial and time, I could bash it.”

Truth beryllium told, though, Friedman would astir apt autumn abbreviated of 37, a full that is tied for the fourth-highest successful the majors down the Colorado Rockies whose full of 40 pitchers utilized includes 1 presumption subordinate (Josh Fuentes). The New York Mets person utilized 39, including 2 presumption players (Brandon Drury and Kevin Pillar). The Arizona Diamondbacks’ full of 38 includes 5 presumption players (Josh Reddick, David Peralta, Wyatt Mathisen, Bryan Holaday and Asdrubal Cabrera – twice), conscionable different denotation of however dreadfully incorrect the play has gone successful Phoenix.

The Dodgers’ 37 arms includes 1 attached to a presumption subordinate – Andy Burns.

“Oh, right,” Friedman said erstwhile reminded. “That would person stumped me.”

The request for measurement this play was not a surprise. The instrumentality to a 162-game regular play aft playing conscionable 60 past twelvemonth created much than 900 further innings to cover.

The Dodgers person covered it with 22 players who did not propulsion a transportation for them past season, 14 who didn’t transportation successful the majors for anyone past twelvemonth – and 2 (Kevin Quackenbush and Neftali Feliz) who had gone aggregate seasons since their erstwhile major-league experience.

Sixteen weren’t connected the Dodgers’ 40-man roster erstwhile the play started. Thirteen weren’t successful the Dodgers’ organization. One (Conner Greene) has returned from whence helium came – designated for duty by the Baltimore Orioles and claimed by the Dodgers, helium was precocious DFA’d by the Dodgers aft 2 appearances and reclaimed connected waivers by the Orioles connected Monday.

One (Nate Jones) has since retired.

“Going into this twelvemonth coming disconnected 2020 I deliberation everyone expected determination would beryllium immoderate challenges, particularly connected the pitching broadside and my takeaway is that has been borne retired implicit these archetypal 4 months,” Friedman said.

“I deliberation the past week-plus is simply a cleanable example. Basically having 3 starters and past figuring retired with Mitch (White) and Andre Jackson the close spots and making definite we could rhythm done caller arms successful a mode to not summation wounded hazard for the guys we presently have.”

Nonetheless, 17 pitchers person spent clip connected the injured database for the Dodgers. Eleven are presently there.

Since the commencement of the season, the Dodgers person acquired 9 players they claimed connected waivers from different teams. Another radical passed done waivers and were signed by the Dodgers arsenic escaped agents.

The champion nugget unearthed done this way has been Phil Bickford.

“Obviously, Bickford is starring the charge,” Friedman said of the champion pickup during the never-ending bullpen renovation.

A two-time first-round draught prime (out of precocious schoolhouse successful 2013 and assemblage successful 2015), Bickford was designated for duty by the Milwaukee Brewers aft throwing conscionable 1 inning for them successful April. Since debuting with the Dodgers successful May, the 26-year-old right-hander has a 2.39 ERA, 1.06 WHIP and 46 strikeouts successful 37-2/3 innings.

But adjacent the parade of Yefry Ramirezes, Jimmie Sherfys, Greenes (Conner oregon Shane) and Grays (Josiah, present successful the Washington Nationals’ rotation) made their contributions simply by soaking up innings that different could person overburdened much cardinal figures connected the Dodgers’ pitching staff.

“The pitching portion has been a tightrope enactment to marque definite we person capable caller arms and person been capable to bash it successful a mode that doesn’t summation the wounded hazard for our existing guys,” Friedman said.

“It helps successful immoderate ways to not person to usage guys erstwhile it would either enactment them astatine accrued wounded hazard oregon usage our high-leverage guys successful crippled situations wherever we don’t request to and truthful affecting consequent games and their availability. Blake Treinen doesn’t person to transportation successful a crippled wherever we’re down oregon up by a batch of runs and truthful not beryllium disposable successful a choky crippled the adjacent night.”

Toward that end, 8 pitchers person made conscionable 1 quality each for the Dodgers, disappearing backmost into the workplace system, waiver ligament oregon (in a mates of cases) the injured list.

The changeless churn has meant other enactment for Manager Dave Roberts, the pitching coaches (Mark Prior, Connor McGuiness and bullpen manager Josh Bard) and the catchers to support up to date.

“I deliberation the situation is for our pitching radical and our catchers being synced up connected their champion weapons and targeting and enactment them successful the champion presumption to succeed,” Friedman said. “That has conscionable taken much bandwidth to marque definite our catchers are dialed successful and admit the strengths of each caller guy.

“The wristband helps. But they decidedly person had accrued work.”

Above each else, the alleviation corporate has performed well. The Dodgers’ bullpen ERA for the play (3.37) is 4th successful the majors. During August, 21 pitchers person made astatine slightest 1 alleviation quality – “Wow,” Friedman said erstwhile told the fig – and posted a combined 2.25 ERA.

“Our ’pen has been truly bully and a large portion of the occurrence we’ve had successful August,” Friedman said. “We consciousness similar we’re truly hitting our strides and the ’pen is going to beryllium a existent plus and spot for america successful October.”


Dodgers (LHP Julio Urias, 13-3, 3.29 ERA) astatine Padres (TBA), Tuesday, 7:10 p.m., SportsNet LA, ESPN, 570 AM


Most pitchers utilized successful MLB this play (through Sunday):

Colorado Rockies … 40

New York Mets … 39

Arizona Diamondbacks … 38

Dodgers … 37

Chicago Cubs … 37

Toronto Blue Jays … 37

Milwaukee Brewers … 36

Tampa Bay Rays … 36

Baltimore Orioles … 35

Seattle Mariners … 35

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