Inflation at 13-year high in Los Angeles and Orange counties

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”Survey says” looks astatine assorted reports, rankings and scorecards gauging geographic locations, noting these grades are champion seen arsenic a premix of creation and data.

Buzz: Inflation deed a 13-year precocious successful Los Angeles and Orange counties successful August acknowledgment to surging state prices.

Source: The outgo of surviving successful August for the metropolitan country was measured by the Consumer Price Index.

Big picture

Local ostentation ran astatine an yearly gait of 4% — the highest O.C.-L.A. complaint for an August since 2008. Yet the section cost-of-living leap is slower than the nation’s 5.3% gait for August.

L.A.-O.C. had the fifth-lowest ostentation rate, erstwhile you look astatine the latest ostentation reports for the 23 metropolitan areas tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Inland Empire: Inflation was up 6.5% 2 months ago, the latest bi-monthly speechmaking of wide ostentation for Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Other metros successful the West: Bay Area ostentation roseate astatine a 3.7% complaint successful August portion Seattle was up 5.2% and Phoenix up 5.1%.

Extremes: Highest? Atlanta, St. Louis, and Tampa astatine 6.6%. Lowest? Denver astatine 3.5%.


Inside the L.A.-O.C. study for August, we spot successful the CPI mathematics for the past 12 months …

Fuel: Gasoline outgo 35.7% more. Household vigor costs were 12.3% less.

Food: Groceries roseate 3.9%, and eating retired was 4.2% pricier.

Housing: Overall, this disbursal roseate 1.8%; rent was 1% pricier.

Medical: Hospital and doc bills were 0.6% costlier.

All section services: 2.2% pricier.

Apparel: Clothing was 2.7% costlier.

Big-ticket items: The outgo of “durable goods” (such arsenic appliances and furniture) was 9.3% higher.

Vehicles: New? 8% pricier. Used? 31% pricier.

Bottom line

Imagine the section ostentation complaint erstwhile the lodging portion of this ostentation scale catches up with what’s been a summertime for large rent hikes. And what volition hap to involvement rates if ostentation continues to jump?

Jonathan Lansner is the concern columnist for the Southern California News Group. He tin beryllium reached astatine

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