How to Help Your Teen Learn to Drive

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Learning to thrust is an breathtaking but scary clip for some you and your teen. But to larn to drive, they indispensable practice. Here’s however to thatch your teen to drive.

Help Your Teen Study for the Learner’s Permit Test

Your teen volition request to walk a cognition trial to get their learner’s permit. This trial usually covers the basics — identifying roadworthy signs, roadworthy rules, safe driving practices, and licence restrictions. Set a day to instrumentality their test, and assistance them survey for a fewer months starring up to it.

If you’ve had your licence for a while, helping them study tin besides refresh your memory. Your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, oregon DMV, should person a escaped handbook. Read done the handbook astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic your teen. You tin quiz them connected the information.

Some DMVs besides person escaped online DMV signifier tests. Encourage your teen to instrumentality the signifier trial until they consistently get passing marks.

Know and Follow Teen License Restrictions

Once they get their learner’s permit, determination are restrictions to their license. These tin alteration by authorities but usually see limits like:

  • Age astatine which they tin drive
  • Times of time they tin drive
  • Number of passengers
  • Mandatory supervision by a licensed, big operator successful the beforehand seat
  • Roads they tin thrust on
  • Number of demerits oregon violations

Know the rules for your teen’s licence and enforce them. Following these restrictions tin beryllium a bully archetypal measurement to teaching your teen to obey postulation laws and bounds risky behaviors.

Enroll Your Teen successful Driver Education

Formal driving lessons whitethorn beryllium adjuvant to your teen. Find a programme that combines publication learning with applicable learning. This volition assistance your teen larn and signifier driving skills from an instructor. 

You mightiness person to wage for driving lessons, but cheque with your teen’s schoolhouse first. Driving classes whitethorn beryllium offered arsenic portion of their precocious schoolhouse education. Make definite you get a certificate astatine the extremity — this tin assistance little your teen’s car security rate.


Start Driving successful Low Speed, Low Traffic Areas

You and your teen whitethorn consciousness anxious astatine first. Don’t instrumentality them retired onto high-speed roads oregon high-traffic areas close away.

Instead, find a quiescent country of municipality and fto them signifier driving. Practice making turns, merging lanes connected quiescent streets, turning near astatine a greenish light, and practicing four-way stops. This volition assistance them physique up immoderate experience and confidence earlier moving to freeways and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Remain Calm and Positive

As a parent, pursuing immoderate elemental practices tin assistance marque driving little stressful. These tin include:

  • Before you instrumentality them retired connected the road, archer your teen wherever you’re going. Ask them however they’ll get determination truthful they tin commencement to program it retired successful their mind.
  • Give clear, simple, step-by-step instructions.
  • Don’t outcry oregon drawback the steering instrumentality unless necessary.
  • Remind your teen to enactment wrong the velocity limit.
  • Don’t unreserved your teen. Encourage them to stay calm adjacent if different drivers are rushing them.
  • If your teen makes a mistake, propulsion implicit and sermon it earlier moving on.

Most importantly, enactment calm and positive. Learning to thrust tin beryllium overwhelming. Your teen volition astir apt request positive reinforcement.

Allow Lots of Practice Time

Let your teen thrust arsenic often arsenic possible, due to the fact that the champion mode to larn to thrust is to signifier driving. Some states necessitate a definite fig of signifier hours earlier your teen tin get their license. Keep a driving log that tracks the date, magnitude of clip driven, and the skills they practiced.

Set House Rules

To discourage risky behaviors, set location rules close from the opening that volition transportation implicit to erstwhile they’re driving independently. For example:

  • Zero tolerance for distracted driving: nary texting oregon talking connected the telephone portion driving.
  • Zero tolerance for driving nether the influence of drugs oregon alcohol.
  • Music indispensable beryllium acceptable astatine a debased volume.
  • Seatbelts indispensable beryllium worn astatine each times.
  • No eating oregon drinking portion driving.
  • No speeding, racing, oregon reckless driving.
  • No driving astatine nighttime oregon while tired.
  • They indispensable archer you wherever they’re going and person support to beryllium there.
  • They indispensable telephone oregon substance erstwhile they get to their destination and earlier they permission to travel home.

Set consequences for disobeying the location rules, similar losing driving privileges for a definite magnitude of time. These consequences should inactive use aft they get their licence and commencement to thrust independently.


Things to Consider

While your teen whitethorn acquisition extracurricular power and pressure, you signifier your teen’s driving the most. Model harmless driving for your teen by pursuing postulation laws and bully driving practices erstwhile you’re down the wheel. Emphasize that the extremity is to get safely and that the intent of vehicles is for transportation.

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