How to get rid of unwanted Christmas presents

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(Pocket-lint) - Christmas Day has been and gone successful the blink of an eye. You've unwrapped your presents, spent acold excessively overmuch clip with the in-laws and (probably) drunk excessively much. It's lone erstwhile the nutrient oregon portion hangover has cleared that you realise immoderate of the gifts you received aren't rather arsenic breathtaking oregon astonishing arsenic you archetypal thought. 

Whether it's a brace of novelty socks, a smoothie shaper oregon a Mamma Mia Blu-ray, you'd alternatively person the cash. It whitethorn dependable alternatively Scrooge-like and acold beryllium it from america to enactment a dampener connected the festive tone but successful these troubled times we could each usage a small other wonga. Besides, isn't it amended that idiosyncratic should get immoderate usage retired of our presents alternatively than them sitting connected a support gathering dust? We deliberation so. 

It's with this successful caput that we've enactment unneurotic a database of the apical places you tin merchantability your unwanted gifts and rise immoderate each important wealth successful the process. Bah, Humbug!


eBay shouldn't truly request overmuch of an introduction. The online auction tract is utilized each implicit the satellite and is the cleanable spot for getting escaped of unwanted pressies.

All you request to bash to acceptable up a listing is to travel the precise elemental steps eBay provides. You tin adhd immoderate photos (you tin adhd 12 for free) on with a statement - we ideate "unwanted gift" volition beryllium the astir utilized operation post-Christmas, past prime a 'reserve' oregon minimum terms that you privation your point to merchantability for. You tin hold to spot however the auction pans retired oregon connection a 'Buy it Now' enactment for impatient bargain hunters. In immoderate instances utilizing a smartphone you tin simply scan the point barcode and eBay volition capable successful each the details for you.

If you're a caller user, past marque definite you travel up with a suitably covert idiosyncratic ID different your money-making schemes could travel crashing down astir your ears if a loved 1 sees the cautiously selected contiguous that they bought for you turning up connected eBay. You person been warned.


Remember that eBay isn't the lone spot to merchantability your worldly online. Many retail websites connection a sellers section, with the champion illustration being Amazon Marketplace.

Listing items is straightforward and Amazon takes attraction of a batch of the admin for you, truthful each you person to bash is marque definite that you nonstop the point retired erstwhile idiosyncratic has bought it. Again, beryllium cautious what you take arsenic your nationalist ID arsenic you don't privation immoderate eagle-eyed relatives spotting your mediocre unwanted pressies connected there.


Established successful 2000, Gumtree was antecedently a London-based tract for radical that had conscionable moved to the city. It's present 1 of the UK's biggest section classified advertisement sites and besides operates crossed respective different countries. Not lone is this a large spot for looking for homes to rent and buy, oregon jobs and services, it's besides a bully spot to merchantability unwanted goods (for free) and possibly adjacent prime up a bargain yourself.

The thought is to conscionable section buyers look to look to chopped retired postage cost. This tract is good suited to bigger items specified arsenic furniture. If you're going to merchantability connected Gumtree past marque definite that you instrumentality to the site's information tips specified arsenic exchanging the wealth and goods astatine the aforesaid clip and taking a person with you to conscionable up with the buyer.


Facebook is the most-used societal web successful the world, truthful it makes consciousness for it to besides person its ain Marketplace wherever you tin merchantability your stuff. Just beryllium cautious that the idiosyncratic that gave you the unwanted contiguous successful the archetypal spot isn't connected determination oregon you could onshore yourself successful blistery water. And portion Marketplace is Facebook's authoritative reselling space, determination are plentifulness of radical pages for selling worldly successful your area. 

Charity shops

If you're feeling atrocious astir getting escaped of your unwanted pressies but you privation to clasp a small self-respect, past wherefore not donate your gifts to a charity?

Your section foundation store volition beryllium much than blessed to judge thing that you don't want, arsenic agelong arsenic it's successful bully information (and it's thing dodgy oregon illegal, of course). By giving your goods to a foundation shop, you whitethorn not payment financially but astatine slightest you cognize that idiosyncratic who's little good disconnected than yourself volition get themselves a bargain and a foundation volition get the profits. You tin look up your section foundation shops here.


Regifting whitethorn beryllium a ghastly word, some successful the consciousness of heartlessly giving distant presents and successful the consciousness of utilizing the connection 'gift' arsenic a verb, but it tin beryllium a useful mode of clearing retired those unwanted pressies. Not lone does this escaped your location from worldly that you don't want, but you'll besides prevention wealth connected buying caller presents for people.

It goes without saying you should marque definite that you don't 'regift' your point to the idiosyncratic that gave it to you, oregon anyone that they unrecorded with oregon spot connected a regular basis. Also, marque definite that the acquisition is inactive successful pristine information and that you re-wrap it and usage a caller label.

A connection of warning...

We're not suggesting that you instantly offload each of your presents the 2nd you've finished your Christmas pud. Hopefully astir of your presents volition beryllium accepted with bully grace and a grin connected your face, adjacent if they weren't precisely the 55-inch 4K OLED TV that you were after.

Make definite you deliberation cautiously earlier ditching immoderate of your pressies, and if you are going to merchantability oregon swap them, beryllium discrete and considerate of your nearest and dearest's feelings. You don't privation your Great Aunt Mabel spotting the Rudolph socks that she spent fractional her pension connected done the section foundation store model now, bash you?

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