How AI-assisted software testing makes DevOps work

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Commentary: Moving from COBOL connected a mainframe to Java successful the unreality tin beryllium tricky. Learn however automated, AI-assisted investigating improves the process.


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Nearly two-thirds of ample enterprises are moving mainframe-based apps dating backmost 2 decades, according to the caller Mainframe Modernization Business Barometer Report from Advanced. Over a 4th of businesses tally accumulation applications that are arsenic overmuch arsenic 30 years old–some adjacent spell back to the 1960s.

In different words, arsenic overmuch arsenic we similar to tout the cool, caller tech, galore enterprises are mired successful not-so-cool, aged tech.

For example, successful a speech with a person astatine a U.S. nationalist pension money with astir $100 cardinal nether management, helium told maine they decided to instrumentality enactment and migrate astir of their remaining mainframe applications from COBOL to Java. Why determination from COBOL? Well, for 1 thing, it was hard to find developers who knew the language, oregon wanted to, with COBOL ranking #1 arsenic the "most dreaded" programming connection successful Stack Overflow's yearly survey. But determination were much reasons for embracing Java, starting with a tendency to marque amended usage of DevOps to amended bundle delivery.

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Less COBOL, much DevOps

When migrating from COBOL (or immoderate language) to Java (or immoderate language), it's astute to commencement with investigating requirements. After all, overmuch of your codification whitethorn nary longer adjacent beryllium used. And arsenic you migrate to Java, you decidedly request portion tests to cognize wherever you person arrived and to guarantee a codification basal you tin confidently upgrade implicit clip arsenic requirements perpetually change. In the lawsuit of this pension fund, they decided to commencement with AI-powered Diffblue to automate penning those portion tests, thing I've addressed before.

Migrating oregon upgrading decades-old apps tin beryllium complex, yet companies progressively consciousness compelled to spell that route. Data suggests more modernization took spot successful 2020 than years prior, arsenic businesses confronted the shifts successful request and operational disruption of the pandemic.

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Businesses are nether unit to make caller worth for their customers. Coupled with the request for software-based products and services, the inclination of competitory differentiation done exertion isn't a immense surprise. Additionally, organizations are uncovering that accepted approaches to bundle improvement and transportation are not capable to conscionable these needs, giving emergence to trends similar DevOps. By moving from COBOL to Java, for example, companies similar this pension money are capable to clasp containerization and cloud. 

The alternative–mainframe code, applications, and environments–created the pursuing important velocity bumps for the company:

  • Rigid and hard to entree improvement and trial systems.

  • Extreme sharing of environments, causing bottlenecks successful improvement and test.

  • Code that is hard to recognize and hard to found dependencies within.

  • Unfamiliar oregon chartless physique and deploy procedures.

  • Back-level software, with nary thought however to upgrade oregon what interaction that whitethorn have.

  • Inability to marque changes.

  • Lack of integration/coordination with different platforms.

The company's archetypal thought was to effort to clasp DevOps portion sticking with COBOL and their mainframes; however, implementing a civilization of DevOps against a mainframe situation is incredibly difficult. First, the deficiency of a service-oriented architecture and extensibility marque "systems thinking" a challenging task. Second, the halfway conception astir DevOps is to link improvement with exertion operations. Big Iron is notoriously costly to extend, which makes enabling mobile entree to information a risky move. When the strategy itself is the biggest hurdle to realizing a civilization of continual experimentation and learning successful the sanction of competitory edge, it is clip to regenerate the system.

"IT moves eden and earth"

My pension money person runs a ample bundle store for the fund, with much than 150 radical successful IT. As it should, concern requirements are driving his strategy to clasp a DevOps attack and determination arsenic galore workloads arsenic imaginable disconnected the mainframe to Java.

"What I heard from the business...was IT moves eden and world to get america our enhancements, to get america fixes, and to rotation retired our exertion changes," helium said. "However, each clip they rolled thing out, it broke thing else. I spot that arsenic a situation to effort to lick and incorporated into our interior IT processes. It's truly a civilization change. I person taken it upon myself to amended our regression investigating to hopefully velocity our transportation and springiness our transportation higher quality."

So acold the pension money has successfully moved 70% of its COBOL codification to a Java codification basal covered by tests, with different 2 cardinal lines of codification remaining connected the mainframe written successful COBOL. But that alteration is coming: "We haven't truly gone unrecorded yet into aggregate improvement environments truthful we don't truly cognize astir what the show is going to be," helium said, until it goes unrecorded into the company's DevOps pipeline.

As developers cheque successful code, the institution automatically runs Diffblue Cover to make JUnit tests. Diffblue Cover allows the developer to incrementally physique trial suites to measurement advancement and observe unintended broadside effects. Tests tin beryllium tally continuously, and results are provided immediately.

The determination disconnected the mainframe has been an tremendous effort, helium said, and the money isn't acceptable to clasp automated coding successful different areas extracurricular of testing. But his squad is exploring options successful the cloud. He moved individuality absorption to Okta, truthful that's a start.

"We privation to beryllium nimble, flexible and wherever we tin spell from Azure to AWS, and wherever else, with containers and Kubernetes successful the future," helium said. "We are investing a batch successful DevOps, trial automation and automating the concern of IT. My absorption has been successful improving our prime of code, improvement operations, and getting our enactment to a constituent wherever we tin unfastened up to unreality computing."

Disclosure: I enactment for AWS, but the views expressed herein are mine.

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