House Republicans Are Trying To Force Joe Biden To Immediately Resign

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House Republicans are trying to unit Joe Biden retired of bureau with a solution calling connected him to resign immediately.

Read the resolution, which sounds similar it was written by Fox News below:

Pres Biden Resignation Resolution Aug 31

The solution was introduced by Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA), and it is the latest doomed Republican effort to crook Afghanistan into a thing.

President Biden Will Not Resign, And The GOP Resolution Will Not Pass

This is 1 of those insanely dumb governmental moves that Republicans specialize in. House Republicans deliberation that they volition ain the Democrats with this resolution.

The occupation for House Republicans successful a spot of persistent world that they garbage to disregard is that the American radical inactive enactment getting retired of Afghanistan, adjacent aft the ISIS-K attack.

As for Americans being “stranded,” this is simply a talking constituent consecutive retired of Fox News. The fewer Americans that are inactive determination mostly dwell of radical with dual citizenship oregon ample families successful Afghanistan who stay unsure astir leaving.

Unlike the Democratic impeachment resolutions of Trump, wherever determination was existent grounds of impeachable offenses, the Republican charges against Biden are a made-up fever imagination from those who are inactive pining for a morbidly obese corrupt aged achromatic feline who sometimes showed successful the Oval Office.

President Biden has nary crushed to resign, but Republicans would alternatively speech astir thing different than the home panic compartment wrong their party, truthful they person introduced a solution that is simply a transparently hypocritical effort astatine governmental pandering.

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