Gus' 'highly emotional' phone call with Robbo

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Phil Gould has fixed his broadside of communicative that has taken disconnected successful its ain absorption since Latrell Mitchell's precocious deed connected Joey Manu broke the Roosters star's face connected Friday night.

Calling the Roosters v Rabbitohs lucifer for Nine, Gould formed an contiguous sentiment that portion Mitchell had got the tackle wrong, Manu's injuries were the effect of an atrocious "accident", thing much sinister.

Gould besides analysed the coaches' property conferences successful Nine's post-game coverage, agreeing with Wayne Bennett that Trent Robinson had nary close to call Mitchell retired astir his tackling style fixed the accordant issues Roosters players, peculiarly Victor Radley, had struggled with pursuing the NRL's precocious tackle crackdown backmost successful Round 10.

Latrell Mitchell of the Rabbitohs looks connected aft the circular 24 NRL lucifer betwixt the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs astatine Suncorp Stadium connected August 27, 2021, successful Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images) (Getty)

Those views intelligibly ruffled immoderate feathers successful Bondi, with Gould, arsenic good arsenic his chap Nine commentator Andrew Johns fielding telephone calls from Robinson the pursuing day.

However, speaking connected the Wide World of Sports' Six Tackles with Gus podcast, Gould batted distant claims reported by News Corp that his narration with Roosters figures Robinson and Nick Politis, with whom helium has a beardown and long-standing relationship, were 'in the freezer' based connected either his comments connected Nine's TV sum oregon their consequent discussions connected the phone.

He said that portion Robinson was "highly emotional" and spoke to Gould crossed 2 telephone calls aft the Roosters coach's artillery died and chopped abbreviated their archetypal conversation, helium added that they had besides agreed connected a batch of points and said the speech was "very civil".

Roosters manager Trent Robinson (Getty)

"We had a longer treatment the 2nd clip and it was each precise civil," Gould said.

"I recognize helium was affectional and helium was disquieted astir Joey and determination were different aspects helium discussed and with the Roosters it tends to beryllium that they don't consciousness they get a just go. They don't get the aforesaid benignant of treatment.

"And each that is the highly affectional stuff. And having been a portion of that nine for a agelong clip I get it, I recognize it.

"So we ended up with a batch of communal crushed but helium was benignant of disappointed that I'd taken the stance that I had oregon that I'd taken the presumption that I had."

Where Gould and Robinson didn't spot oculus to oculus was connected the collision betwixt Mitchell and Manu and however overmuch blasted should beryllium aportioned to the Rabbitohs player.

Gould has been strident and accordant successful his presumption that it was an unavoidable accident owed to the angles, the precocious velocity and the information that Manu's assemblage tallness dropped astatine the past moment.

'Latrell retired for the year': Gus

Robinson intelligibly believes Mitchell's tackling method was to blasted but Gould says his expertise, some arsenic a erstwhile subordinate who was sidelined for 3 years during his vocation by superior caput and cervix injuries, and arsenic an expert of the crippled for decades, springiness him arsenic overmuch close arsenic anybody to clasp a contrary opinion.

Gould was besides suspicious that Robinson hadn't watched Nine's sum of the crippled oregon the post-game amusement earlier forming his sentiment of what was said.

"I don't deliberation he'd really sat down and studied what we'd really said and the series with which we'd said it connected Friday night," Gould said.

"And however we dealt with the 2 property conferences, which we dealt with connected the sum consecutive aft the game. And I hadn't had excessively overmuch to accidental astir Trent's property league until Wayne Bennett had travel successful with his response, and I said, 'well he's got a point', truthful I ideate it'd been reported backmost to Trent that I'd been captious of him, which I hadn't.

"I said I emotion Trent Robinson but this is my presumption connected the incident, I person a close to that presumption and it's an educated presumption and that's the presumption I hold. And that's benignant of wherever we near it."

Gould has besides voiced powerfully his sentiment that Mitchell would person been dealt with otherwise had Manu not been earnestly injured by the tackle.

Joey Manu is pulled distant by teammates aft suffering a feature wounded aft being deed by Latrell Mitchell. (Getty)

He said that this stance was intelligibly backed up by the mode the commentators and officials reacted instantly aft the incident, which mostly went by without remark until Manu rushed implicit to remonstrate with his ex-teammate and it was picked up by the TV cameras that helium had a large ovum connected his face.

"The collision went the mode it did due to the fact that it's precocious speed, it happened astatine precocious pace, the crippled was successful the equilibrium and they're 2 large players, they're some precise assertive and beardown players, and Latrell came retired of the collision evidently the better," Gould said.

"And someone's travel retired of it badly. And the emotion didn't truly start, neither successful commentary oregon anyone astatine the crushed oregon anyone watching started until Joey Manu, it was evident however severely helium was wounded and that enactment a full caller complexion connected it.

"If Joey Manu wasn't arsenic severely wounded I deliberation this full substance is treated wholly differently."

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