Grand Unifier Raker Wants To Share The Truth With The Guardians Of The Galaxy In A New Trailer

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As we inch person to the merchandise of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Eidos Montreal is dilatory revealing much characters our misfit squad of heroes volition brushwood connected their adventures. Earlier this month, we got a look astatine Lady Hellbender and Drax’s, um… unsocial mode of flirting. Today, we get an instauration to Grand Unifier Raker, a foil for the Guardians who doesn’t look susceptible to sweet-talk similar Hellbender. Still, that doesn’t halt Starlord from attempting to stall by flapping his gums.

The caller trailer starts with the full Guardians squad being caught disconnected defender by a doorway opening down them. From down the screen of a blinding airy emerges Raker and a brace of humongous cloaked minions. The Grand Unifier is simply a humanoid-like alien with arms that look similar an unfortunate circular of Tetris. Starlord had his blasters trained connected the intruders but decides to greet them instead. Rocket, connected the different hand, tries blasting Raker, who effortlessly deflects the shots. Knowing helium can't sprout his mode out, Peter Quill tries to food him up portion Groot is tapping a greenish button, trying to interaction an chartless state who doesn’t show.

Raker says the Guardians came seeking "truth," and The Matriarch wishes to stock it with them; an invitation that would dependable pleasant successful immoderate different discourse but is overmuch much sinister erstwhile being enveloped by an ominous space station. “The Matriarch awaits,” states Raker arsenic the squad of heroes succumbs to the information their time is astir to get worse.

What bash the Grand Unifier and The Matriarch privation with the Guardians? Who was Groot trying to get to prevention their bacon? How did they get successful this messiness successful the archetypal place? We’ll find retired much erstwhile Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy hits PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC connected October 26. In the meantime, cheque retired contented 338 of Game Informer Magazine for our cover communicative connected the game.

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