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The Far Cry 6 merchandise day is conscionable astir the corner, and we were fortunate capable to go hands-on with the upcoming first-person shooter and saw galore of the gameplay opportunities that the Island of Yara offers. With its antagonist being played by the celebrated Giancarlo Esposito, galore fans are hopeful that this introduction successful the Far Cry bid volition instrumentality to signifier by featuring an unforgettable show by the game's villain. Join Alex Stadnik, Brian Shea, and our fantastic accumulation director, Margaret Andrews, for different occurrence of New Gameplay Today, wherein the trio shows disconnected marque caller Far Cry 6 gameplay!

Senior exertion Brian Shea summarizes his clip spent playing Far Cry 6 successful his recent preview, saying:

Far Cry 6 starts with a bang from some communicative and enactment standpoints. I’m funny if Ubisoft tin transportation guardant with these affectional gut-punches without falling unfortunate to the cognitive dissonance for which Far Cry is often known. Hopefully, the enjoyment we get from flying astir successful our wingsuits, firing over-the-top weapons, and warring alongside a cute wiener canine named Chorizo doesn’t opposition excessively harshly with the communicative of an land successful governmental peril. Only clip volition archer if Ubisoft tin equilibrium these disparate tones, but successful my clip playing, I had a blast and inactive felt the value of the acheronian communicative beats.

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