Ex-LBPD officer sentenced to probation, community service for gang leak

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A erstwhile Long Beach constabulary detective convicted of conspiring to obstruct justness by leaking details of 2 investigations — including a execution probe — to a reputed pack subordinate was sentenced Wednesday, Aug. 25, to 80 hours of assemblage work and 2 years of probation.

Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench refused to trim Yvonne Robinson’s condemnation from a felony to a misdemeanor, but indicated she mightiness see the defense’s petition successful the future.

“This lawsuit conscionable saddens me,” the justice said, noting that a “career that was sought-after has been destroyed by Ms. Robinson’s ain conduct.”

The downtown Los Angeles assemblage deliberated astir a time earlier convicting Robinson, 50, connected Aug. 3 of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Robinson’s attorney, Case Barnett, told the justice that his lawsuit “understands the gravity of the situation,” but said helium didn’t judge determination was immoderate “malicious intent” to assistance a gang.

Deputy District Attorney Arisa Mattson countered that Robinson “did prevarication connected the stand” and urged the justice to “hold her accountable for her behaviour successful this case.”

Robinson — whose employment, constabulary say, was terminated successful March 2013 — was charged successful December 2013 on with the accused pack member, Prentice Jones, who constabulary said was her brother-in-law’s brother.

Jones pleaded nary contention successful December 2017 to conspiring to obstruct justness and was sentenced to 3 years of probation, 15 days of assemblage work and 2 days successful jail, according to tribunal records.

“She agreed to springiness confidential accusation to a pack member,” the authoritative said successful her closing argument.

The lawman territory lawyer told jurors Robinson “betrayed” not lone the Long Beach Police Department but the assemblage and allowed a section pack to “stay 1 measurement up of the Long Beach Police Department’s investigation.”

Robinson’s lawyer had urged the assemblage to acquit his client, who testified successful her ain defense. Barnett noted that Robinson was making $100,000 a twelvemonth on with benefits and status and questioned what motive she would person to supply accusation to pack members.

After Robinson and Jones were arrested successful December 2013, Long Beach constabulary said successful a connection that a “full-scale transgression investigation” was started erstwhile detectives learned that details of a execution probe were being leaked — seemingly from idiosyncratic wrong the Police Department.

The prosecution besides accused Robinson of giving Jones accusation from a study astir an assault, and that the erstwhile detective went to bat successful an effort to person him removed from a pack injunction.

After respective months, investigators determined that Robinson was leaking lawsuit accusation to Jones, who passed it connected to leaders of the gang, constabulary said.

Robinson present works astatine a younker location that helps girls.

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